2.1. Treatment of Students and Parents/Guardians

  • First Reading: May 18, 2021

    Adopted: June 1, 2021

    Policy Title: 2.1. Treatment of Students and Parents/Guardians
    With respect to interactions with Students and Parents/Guardians of the Essex Westford School District or those applying to be Students or Parents/Guardians, the Superintendent shall not cause or allow conditions, procedures, or decisions that are untimely, unclear, undignified, or unnecessarily intrusive.

    Further, without limiting the scope of the foregoing by this enumeration, the Superintendent of the Essex Westford School District shall not:

    1. Elicit information for which there is no clear necessity.
    2. Fail to follow the applicable statutes, rules and regulations regarding the collection of, review of, transmitting of, and/or storage of student/family information.
    3. Fail to operate facilities with appropriate accessibility and privacy.
    4. Fail to establish with Students and Parents/Guardians a clear understanding of what may be expected and what may not be expected from the service offered.
    5. Fail to inform Students and Parents/Guardians of this policy or to provide a way to be heard for persons who believe they have not been accorded a reasonable interpretation of their protections under this policy.
    6. Fail to provide a process for the effective and efficient handling of complaints and concerns.
    7. Fail to assure a system of communication between the school district and parents that provides for two-way, timely, and full information about academic progress, safety, and other important matters relating to education.
    8. Fail to ensure that community members, students and Parents have appropriate input in significant decisions.
    9. Allow barriers to exist that prevent any student achieving his/her unique and full potential within the capacity of the school district to provide.