EWSD Parking & Building Access Badges

  • The Facilities & District Safety department oversees key functions like Building Access and Parking Permits for all schools and properties.

    New Employees

    If you are a new employee and do not yet have your ID badge or a parking permit, please follow the onboarding steps outlined in this HR page.

    EHS Juniors/Seniors and CTE Students

    Each year, eligible students wishing to park on campus at the EHS/CTE Educational Center need to request a parking permit using the request form.

    Get a Replacement ID Badge

    If your district ID badge has been lost/stolen, please call the Safety Office right away at 857-7485.

    Updating Parking Permit Information

    If you have a new vehicle or new insurance and need to revise your parking permit, you can submit a new form at any time.



  • Please contact Brent Farnham at bfarnham@ewsd.org or call the District Safety Office at 857-7485 for help with parking in EWSD.

    If you need assistance or have questions about ID badges, contact George Safford at gsafford@ewsd.org or call 857-7413.