Annual Bus Route Adjustment 11/1/2021

  • Hello EWSD Families who utilize bus service,

    This message is to inform you of our annual bus route adjustment which will take effect November 1. At the start of every school year, we collect data on ridership, on-time-performance, and input from staff, contractors, and families. We use this information to tune-up glaring issues in our transportation system, while also limiting changes to avoid disruption to family routines.

    To be clear, this year we are operating under staffing challenges which in many cases makes the transportation system we can offer less than ideal.

    The following are an overview of route changes. Updated routes have been posted on our website. 

    If you see your child’s route will be affected, please visit the stop list for that route and confirm details for your particular stop.

    Again, our first day operating these new route times will be Monday, Nov 1st.

    Affected routes:


    AM trip shifted approximately 8 minutes later.


    PM trip shifted approximately 8 minutes earlier.


    PM trip shifted approximately 25 minutes earlier.


    AM trip shifted approximately 5 minutes later.

    250-293 Colchester Rd stops moved to the end of route 35-40 min later.

    PM trip stop order change: 250-293 Colchester Rd stops 45 min earlier, rest of route up to 12 minutes earlier.


    Pinecrest & Suffolk Lane stop (Eastern Junction) stop location clarification for families on Suffolk Ln, Hampshire Ct, Southdown Ct, Dartmoor Ct, & Devon Hill Ct. 

    PM Trip EHS Stop, Fairview & Main, & Orleans Rd moved to end of route approximately 40 minutes later.

    Transportation Screenshot Arial 1

    EHS PM Westford 

    Change in Stop order, 0 Common Rd (Westford Town Green) stop approximately 30 mins later.


    Summit, Hiawatha, and Fleming trips are being combined.

    AM times will be approximately 35 minutes later for Summit & Hiawatha students, and 25 minutes earlier for Fleming students. ADL trip stops approximately 10 minutes earlier.

    PM times will be up to 20 minutes later for some Summit and Hiawatha stops, however some stop times will be unaffected. With the new combined trip, Fleming student stops will become approximately 30 minutes earlier.

    ADL trip stops approximately 12 minutes earlier.


    AM Summit, Hiawatha, and Fleming trip will eliminate the mailbox stop on Franklin St. These students will now be picked up at the Southwest Corner of South St & Park St, Southwest Corner. Other internal stop time changes are less than 5 minutes.

    Transportation Screenshot Arial

    ADL AM trip 8-10 minutes earlier throughout. The South St. & Park St. stop will move to the Southwest corner (same as above), Iroquois Ave. & Summit St. Stop will be 14 minutes later, and move to the Southeast corner of Iroquois Ave. & Summit St.


    AM trip 5 minutes earlier.


    Stop added at 63 River Rd, PM stops in Ft Ethan Allen & Old Colchester Rd will be 12 minutes later.

    16, 87, 2

    AM trips will operate 5 minutes earlier to facilitate on-time arrival of EHS students.

    3 & 9

    AM & PM trips online now reflect the timing changes made earlier this year, plus AM trips moving an additional 5 minutes earlier to facilitate on-time arrival of EHS students.