• MasterLibrary Facility Work Orders 

  • We are excited to announce the implementation of a new easy-to-use work order system for all new Facilities and Safety needs. MasterLibrary is a tool designed exclusively for K-12 schools to provide an efficient and transparent way for districts to organize, assign, and monitor facility maintenance requests across buildings and departments. 

    Staff can now complete a quick form to let us know of a need they have in their building or classroom. Employees can expect that each form they submit will be reviewed and assigned as soon as possible during the regular school day. Once processed, the user will receive email updates about their request as it moves through the process to completion. Once the work is finished, staff will have the opportunity to share feedback so we can continue to improve our service.

    Staff can also submit PPE refill needs such as hand sanitizer and masks using the ML Work Orders request form. Orders will be fulfilled through the Lead Facility Technicians in the building or will be distributed through EWSD Facilities. 

    Getting started in the new system is fast and easy! EWSD Staff can click here and login to MLWorkOrders using their EWSD Google Account.

How to Submit a Work Order

  • Questions can be directed to Kim Connelly at kconnelly@ewsd.org or to the District Safety Office at 857-7485.