Training for Crossing Guards

EWSD Crossing Guards are HEROES!

  • School crossing guards play an important role in the lives of EWSD students that walk or bicycle to school. They help children safely cross the street at key locations. They also remind drivers of the presence of pedestrians. The presence of these adults can lead to more parents feeling comfortable about their children walking or bicycling to school, which can reduce traffic congestion at our buildings. While the primary role of the school crossing guards is to guide children safely across the street, children also remain responsible for their own safety. In this manner, a guard plays another key function in role modeling safe navigation and crossing of streets in our communities. They help all children develop the skills necessary to cross streets safely at all times.

    Our well-trained EWSD Crossing Guards can help to accomplish the following goals:

    • Discourage children from behaving unsafely near traffic, such as darting into the street without looking or crossing against a traffic signal. A guard can encourage safe behavior by all pedestrians at the school crossing.
    • Use existing gaps in traffic to help students cross safely. When the natural traffic flow does not allow enough time for children to safely cross a street, a guard may need to create gaps by stopping traffic temporarily. The guard stops traffic with hand signals or a STOP paddle, then verbally directs children to cross the street. A guard is always the first person in the street and the last person out on the street.
    • Alert motorists that pedestrians are in the process of using the school crossing.
    • Observe and report any incidents or conditions that present a potential safety hazard to the school children or the guard.

    Are you interested in becoming a crossing guard? Contact us!  

    Garry Scott, Director of Facilities and District Safety

    Essex Westford School District

    2 Educational Drive

    Essex Jct., VT 05452

    Office: 802-857-7043

  • Are you interested in becoming a crossing guard? 

    Contact us!  


  • Garry Scott, Director of Facilities and District Safety

    Office Phone: 802-857-7043