• MasterLibrary Schedules for Facility Use Requests 

  • The school facilities in our three communities have always, and will always be, a resource for the entire community. While the primary purpose of the school facilities is to educate and engage our students, we recognize that the facilities have been built and maintained over the years through the generous support and trust of our citizens. The District works hard to make school facilities available to our local municipalities, non-profit groups, and other private users. 

    After months of development, we are pleased to announce that our new facility use management system has officially been launched! ML Schedules will increase our internal efficiency with more robust booking and management features. Best of all, our users will enjoy a more positive experience as they efficiently manage their past requests, see approvals and changes, and upload insurance information – self-serve, all in one place. District leaders and frontline building staff will have data to more fully see how our facilities are being utilized, recognize challenges from a risk management perspective, providing richer oversight and support.

    We invite municipal partners, community groups, and internal staff to submit requests for the use of facilities using this easy new online platform! Sign up for an account and submit a facility use request today. If you have any feedback or questions along the way, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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How to Get Started with Facility Requests in ML Schedules

How to Request Facility Use

Need Assistance?

  • Questions can be directed to Kim Connelly at kconnelly@ewsd.org or to the District Safety Office at 857-7485.

Insurance Options

  • As the district makes changes to its risk management procedures as recommended by our school district insurance provider, groups and individuals using the facilities will need to include a certificate of liability (COI) in order to request facility use. The group or individual must demonstrate adequate coverage of at least $1 million of comprehensive general liability insurance coverage, with the EWSD identified as an additional insured under the policy. In addition, the group will hold harmless EWSD from any and all liability as part of the terms and conditions of facility booking.  

    A couple of options for groups or individuals that do not already have liability insurance are GatherGuard or Kinney Insurance Agency (Note: EWSD cannot endorse any agency but offers these as suggestions that others have found helpful). Both offer customized solutions to fit one-time events or ongoing weekly activities at a reasonable per-participant cost.