School Counseling

  • School Counselor Services are designed to increase and enhance learning and achievement for all students and to assist them in making educational and personal choices that hold promise for their personal fulfillment as responsible members of the community. The goal of the school counseling programs in EWSD is to enhance academics, encourage self-awareness, foster interpersonal communication skills, provide career awareness and teach life success skills for all students. Each school has a School Counselor/Guidance Office that is accessible to parents, students, faculty and staff. The school counseling program is coordinated with school instructional programs, and school counselors/guidance counselors teach health and personal development appropriate to each grade level. School Counseling emphasize consultation with teachers, administrators, and parents on matters of student growth and development.

    Parent and Family Support Resources

    • Act One (Alcohol Crisis Team): 859-1230/488-6425
    • Adult Crisis Services: 863-2400/488-6400
    • Alcoholics Anonymous: 860-8382
    • Howard Center CYFS: 488-6600
    • Centerpoint Adolescent Treatment Services: 488-7711
    • DCF: 863-7370/649-5285
    • First Call for Children and Families 24/7: 488-7777
    • HOPE Works: 863-1236
    • Hospice of the Champlain Valley: 860-4410
    • Pine Street Counseling (HCHS Adults): 488-6100
    • Police/Ambulance: 911
    • Safespace: 863-0003
    • School Counselor: see directory below
    • Spectrum Youth and Family Service: 862-5396/864-7423
    • Steps to End Domestic Violence: 658-1996
    • VT Children’s Aid Society: 655-0006

EWSD Counselor Directory

School Name Phone Number Website
CTE Lindsay Ackley 857-7031
CTE Emmy Charron 857-7249
CTE Christine Chase 857-7542
EHS Siobhan Barber 857-7111
EHS Jonathan Moore 857-7111
EHS Maeve Murphy 857-7111
EHS Benjamin Skoglund 857-7111
ADL Jessica Librizzi 857-7841
ADL Nicole Williams 857-7838
EMS Lindsay Falby 857-1505
EMS Preston Randall 857-1511
Westford Stephanie Jones 857-7799
FMS David Hoppe 857-6305
FMS Katie Mayer 857-6321
Fleming Coori Sellers 857-7701
EES Sarah Buhl 857-2132
EES Brea Heaslip 857-2105
EES Carly Davis 857-2105
Hiawatha Jeff Lester 857-7758
Summit Ashley Cate 857-7939
EHS Jessica Butler 857-7111
EHS Aaron Mason 857-7111
CTE Heidi McLaughlin 857-7250
EHS Nicole Gillis 857-7111