Proficiency-based Learning & Graduation Requirements


    Proficiency-based learning (PBL) refers to systems of instruction, assessment, grading and academic reporting that are based on students demonstrating mastery of the knowledge and skills they are expected to learn. Proficiency-based Graduation Requirements (PBGR) are those proficiencies the district determines represent a set of expectations that a student will demonstrate before earning a high school diploma.

    The Essex Westford School District has adopted the following conceptual framework as a roadmap to transition to a K-12 proficiency-based learning system and develop proficiency-based graduation requirements in accordance with the Vermont Education Quality Standards.  

    Proficiency Triangle

    The Essex Westford School District has adopted the Vermont Transferable Skills as cross-content proficiencies and has identified Content Area Proficiencies for each content area.

    During the 2017/18 school year we are working to develop Performance Indicators at specific grade spans for both the VT Transferable Skills and the EWSD Content Area Proficiencies. Essex High School has developed Course Proficiencies for each course which serve as a Performance Indicators towards meeting K-12 Content Area Proficiencies.

    Learning Targets are considered the objectives that teachers set for their students as they design units and lessons and move students towards achievement of proficiencies.



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