Summit Street Counseling Groups

  • Stuffed animals What are Counseling Groups? School counseling offers groups throughout the school year that are designed to assist children with certain areas of emotional growth and skills development.

    We highly encourage kids to try them, and our groups are one of the most popular activities at school.

    About 150 kids participated in the 2017-2018 school year!

    Your child might be invited to join a group by your teacher or any other staff person - or you, as a caregiver, may invite your child to join a group at any point throughout the year. Contact me for more information. 


Group Options 2018-19

  • Social Skills 

    We work on a "social thinking" curriculum to help children develop emotional competencies to better connect with others and experience greater well-being.

    Banana Split

    This group connects children who live in divorced families or have separated parents, to create a support network and meet others who live with similar circumstances or challenges.

    Changing Families

    Students who are adopted, live with grandparents, have parents who are incarcerated, or have a unique guardian situation come together to learn more about coping skills and help one another out.

    Lunch Bunch

    Students have an opportunity to meet one another at lunchtime with Ms. Cate and work together on improving our friendship skills.

    Other groups

    Small groups are designed to meet the needs of our students. Other groups include Self Esteem group, a Friendship group, and Super-Flex - where we work on taming our challenging emotions, and find ways to go with the flow, even when it's hard.  

    As the Summit Street community grows and changes, new groups may be formed.  Please send us feedback or suggestions on possible future groups!