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    The School Nurse can assist with coordination of care with other health care providers involved with students. Referrals for Medicaid programs, health information, parent education, and other resources are available through the Health Office.

    THE SCHOOL HEALTH OFFICE is located near the playground door. Kathleen Ready, RN, FNP, and Cindy Mongeon, LPN provide full time services to Summit families. The role of the School Nurse is to promote each child’s health and development, to serve as a resource for children and their families, and to help facilitate a healthy and safe school environment. During the school day, the School Nurse provides first aid and emergency care, MD referrals, health screenings, collaboration with school and community services, and direct support to children and their families. Responsibilities include: screening for vision, hearing, blood pressure, height, weight, maintaining confidential school health records, managing student health conditions at school, and providing classroom instruction with teachers in the areas of health and wellness. The School Nurse participates in the Child Protection Team in collaboration with Guidance, the School Social Worker, Special Education, and the Principal.


    Medications will be kept in the Health Office for the safety of all students. Please do not allow children to carry any medications themselves. Prescription medications can be given at school with a copy of a physician’s order and signed parental permission. Medication must have a label provided by a pharmacist, the student’s name, the name of the medicine, the dose to be given, and the time. Over the counter medications can be given with signed parent permission forms which are sent out each year. No medications will be given without parent permission. Parents may leave nonprescription medications in the Health Office that are clearly labeled as noted. A record of medications given at school is kept in the Health Room Log. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns. 


    Please send a written note if your child has an injury or illness and will be excused from P.E. and/or recess. Please describe the limits of physical activity and when your child can return to full activity. P.E. and recess are important parts of the school day and we encourage students to participate as fully as possible.


    At the beginning of each new school year, and for every child you have in school, you will be asked to fill out these two forms:

    • Health Information
    • Permission to give over the counter medications

    Please update information about phone numbers, new medical conditions, and new prescription medications if your child is taking them. Remember, all prescription medications, inhalers or other treatments must have a Physician’s Order and parents’ signed permission to be given at school, and must be kept in the health office. Students Health Records are confidential. Only relevant information is shared on a need to know basis to ensure your child’s safe care while at school.


    Children with significant allergies must have a physician’s diagnosis and written treatment plan for care at school. Please provide any necessary medications which will be kept in the Health Office with a copy of the physician’s order. Information regarding exposure to allergens and type of reaction is important to minimize possible contact at school.


    Children learn best when they are well rested, have eaten a healthy meal, and are feeling good. Children who have a fever, have symptoms of vomiting or diarrhea, have a persistent cough, or have acute viral symptoms will be sent home to rest and receive care by their families. Conditions which are highly contagious such as pink eye, impetigo and strep throat may require that your child be seen by a health care provider for evaluation and treatment before returning to school. Please notify the school nurse if your child has been diagnosed with any illness that could be contagious to other children.


    All children enrolled at Summit Street School are required by Vermont State law to have a copy of required immunizations (or exemption forms) on file in the School Health Record in order to attend school. Please send updated forms each time your child receives new immunizations.


    Please provide emergency contact numbers. Parents and/or emergency contacts will be notified if a child needs emergency medical care. Parents also will be called for any concerns about acute illness, injuries, reoccurring health problems, or need for physician referral.