Chromebook 1:1

  • Computers are a vital tool for student learning. The district provides Chromebooks to support academic work both in school and at home. The district uses an online learning environment (Google and other resources) through which students will access assignments, activities, resources and some textbooks necessary to complete their school work. Just as we issue textbooks to all of our students, we will issue Chromebooks to each student at any of our schools. 

    EWSD 1:1 Student Program Expectations

    To ensure all students are fully prepared to engage in learning, EWSD asks that students do the following:

    • Take responsibility for the care of the devices, following the School Device Care Guidelines Document, and be accountable if devices are lost or damaged.
    • Check their school email account regularly for notifications from the school and district.
    • Follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook and Technology Policies.
    • It is the responsibility of the student to be sure their Chromebook is charged and ready for use for the school day. Please be sure to plug it in at your home when you return from your in-person days at school. 


    See sections below for more information on your students Chromebook. Please see the How To’s section for Chromebook help guides.

  • Use & Care
  • Missing & Damaged
  • Program FAQ's

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