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  • Stephanie Jones

    Stephanie Jones, MA
    School Counselor
    Phone: 802.857.7799

Ms Jones with her dog Bodie

Stephanie Jones, MA

  • My Philosophies......

    ....about failure.

    I believe everyone should experience waiting on tables and failure. I waited on tables in all types of places throughout college; Friendly's, an upscale restaurant, and in a lounge. My point? How many times have you been out to eat and you or the person you're with complains about the service. Well, if you haven’t done it, you have no ground to stand on. Waiting tables is hard; you have to multi-task, be friendly, balance a heavy tray, and deal with plenty of difficult customers.

    Anyone waiting tables has experienced failure! Spilled a drink, dropped a plate of food or got no tip because the customer thought it was bad service. And guess what? Got up and did it again the next didn’t end. I practiced, didn’t give up, and got better at waiting on tables.

    Everyone should experience failure. It’s what makes us get stronger, get better, have grit.

    ....about a growth mindset.

    I believe having a growth mindset is the key to having it all!

     If you believe that you have the power to change your brain and improve in your abilities than the sky’s the limit. It takes hard work, determination, and practice to get better at something. It could be reading, playing basketball or learning how to play the drums.

     Turn a challenge into an opportunity to try something new. Take a risk, make a mistake, practice until you get it, and be a lifelong learner!