Welcome to the School Counseling Department!

  • School counselors at EES work in each classroom to deliver social and emotional curriculum throughout the course of the school year. Additionally, each counselor is assigned to classrooms to support students through individual and small group work.  Below is the list of our assigned classrooms for this more personal-scale work.

    Sarah Buhl:  802-857-2132 or sbuhl@ewsd.org (Mon.-Fri.)

    • Clark
    • Day
    • Heppner
    • Mead
    • Robbins
    • Rotach
    • Seligman
    • Spillane
    • Synnott
    • Tracy
    • Yandell


    Jen Tumilowicz: 802-857-2105 or jtumilowicz@ewsd.org (Thurs., Fri.)

    Brea Heaslip: 802-857-2105 or bheaslip@ewsd.org (Mon., Tues., Wed. AM)

     *Please note: Mrs. Heaslip is on maternity leave until September 28, 2020. If your student is enrolled in one of the below classes, please contact Mrs. Tumilowicz

    • Acanfora
    • Allardyce
    • Ayers
    • Badore
    • Epstein
    • Little
    • Meehan
    • Pariseau
    • Rinehart
    • Rowley
    • Thayer

  • Peace and Friendship