Diana Smith   BSN, RN

Phone: 802-857-6304


Degrees and Certifications:

Diana Smith BSN, RN


My name is Diana Smith and I am the school nurse at Founders Memorial School.

 Phone: 857-6304

Email: dsmith@ewsd.org

Fax: 879-6139

The Health Office is staffed daily during regular school hours.  Please feel free to call or email  me with any questions or concerns. 

  • Washing hands COVID-19 and Our Schools

    Your EWSD nurses are here to support the health and wellness of our entire school community. We are all aware of the prolonged flu season and the novel coronavirus, COVID-19.  The District continues to follow preventative and response guidelines offered by the Vermont Department of Health (VDH) and Vermont Agency of Education (AOE).

    Your building nurse is available for any questions or concerns you may have regarding any illness or symptoms. 

    For District updates related to COVID-19, and helpful tips on staying healthy, please visit our EWSD page on the novel coronavirus. (Opens in a new window.)

Welcome to the Founders Memorial School Health Office

  • Founders Memorial School Health Office Policies

    Dear Parent(s): All new entering students must have appropriate immunizations and they must be on file in the Health Office before school starts.

    If your child complains of not feeling well in the morning and you are unsure whether to send him/her to school, check your child’s temperature. If there is a fever, 100 degrees or above, he/she should remain at home. If there is no fever and your child still complains of not feeling well, wait awhile and if he/she seems ok, bring him/her to school. It is better to bring your child in late than to have him/her get sick on the bus or while coming into school.

    All students taking an antibiotic for a contagious condition must have been on medications a full 24 hours before returning to school e.g. (strep throat, pink eye, etc.)

    Also please inform the school nurse of any contagious diagnosis for health maintenance of the classroom.

    If your child is ill and we call you to pick them up from school, it is expected that you will come within a reasonable length of time which is 30-45 minutes. If you cannot leave work, arrangements must be made to have someone else come for them.

    Please list an emergency contact person. If we cannot reach you at your work place, we will call the emergency contact to have your child picked up.

     Medications (including non-prescription) for students must be brought into the school by the parent, guardian or an adult.

    Prescription medications will not be dispensed, unless we have a doctor’s order on file detailing the name of the medication, dosage required and time to be given. The prescription bottle must also be labeled in the same way. The parent or guardian must cosign the order. Forms can be obtained from the nurse. New prescription medication orders are needed yearly at the start of the school year.