Engineering & Architectural Design

  • Program Description

    The Engineering and Architectural Design Program is an excellent hands-on preparation for students interested in architecture or mechanical engineering.  Students learn the problem solving skills, graphic language and engineering principles basic to all forms of engineering or architecture.  The program provides an essential background and early opportunity for students to explore the field prior to college.  College credit is awarded to eligible students who complete this program.  Students will also complete a portfolio valuable for college application.  This course has been recommended by UVM to all students considering engineering careers.

Credits & Experience

  • High School Credits

    • 1 math
    • 1 fine art
    • plus 4 elective credits

    Dual Enrollment

    Eligible students may take up to one college course per semester.  Students chosen to participate in the VCT course ARC-1021 will receive two (2) transcript college credits.  

    The VTC course MEC-1011 will receive two (2) transcript college credits

    Career Experiences

    Work-based learning, school-to-work cooperative opportunities and apprenticeships.

  •  Curriculum Components

    • Part I – Technical Drafting:  In this course students progress through a series of drafting problems providing them with a sound foundation in the methods and techniques used in various drafting and design applications. Orthographic, isometric, sectioning, perspectives, schematics, developments and many other types of graphics will be covered.
      Computers with AUTOCAD and SOLIDWORKS software will be used to solve and draw many of these problems. Multimedia portfolios will also be produced using Microsoft Office applications.
      Recommended Prerequisite: Algebra I, Geometry (80% or better in each)

    • Part II – Mechanical Design:  This provides students with experiences in advanced detail drafting, assembled mechanisms, precision measuring, fixture design, CNC computer numerical control and programming.
      The design, building and testing of structural models will be covered throughout the course.
      Work in this course is done on the computer using SOLIDWORKS and other software.
      Students chosen to participate in the VTC course MEC-1011 will receive two (2) transcript college credits.

      Architectural Design

      This covers residential buildings. Topics include styles, construction, the design of floor plans, elevations, foundations, electrical, plumbing, heating, kitchens, lot and plot plans. Students will be involved in the actual design of buildings that will be built. Work in this course is done entirely on the computer with AUTOCAD and REVIT software.
      Recommended Prerequisite:  Technical Drafting, Algebra II

What's Next?

  • Professional Certification/Credentials available. Students in the course will get the opportunity to take Certified SolidWorks Associate exam.  This is an industry credential that gives proof of introductory skills for engineering SolidWorks users.