2020-2021 EWSD Transportation

  • For the 2020-21 school year, all new and returning students will need to be registered for to-and-from school transportation in order to access the school bus. If a student is not registered, transportation will not be immediately available for to-and-from school travel. This will allow students and families to distance at bus stops, and allow the district to minimize the number of students on the bus, assign seats, and support contact tracing if that should be necessary.


    Bus Safety Reminder

    The Essex Westford School District takes safety seriously - especially when it comes to riding the bus, walking, biking, or driving to school. Please remember the safe areas for entering and exiting the bus, and always look before you cross the road. Please review the graphic below for the safe walking areas.


    Bus Safety Graphic


    Bus Tips:

    • All stops are estimated times
    • Times could change due to traffic, weather, students riding or not riding, etc.
    • Students should be out at their stop five minutes before the scheduled time of arrival
    • Because of the variables on each route, there is always a five-minute buffer, before and after the scheduled time, as no bus can be exact every day
    • All stops are estimated times of arrival
    • All students need to be in plain sight to ensure proper pick-up
    • In low light conditions, it is helpful to wave a lighted device (flashlight, cell phone, etc…) as the bus approaches
    • Kindergarteners and first graders are required to have a parent or other authorized individual accompany them to and from the bus. Families may authorize additional people via transportation@ewsd.org email. Families may choose to authorize older family members riding the same bus.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact the EWSD Transportation Department directly at 802-857-7077 or transportation@ewsd.org


  • For assistance please contact:

    EWSD Transportation Line:
    Phone: (802) 857-7077 

    Jamie Smith, EWSD Transportation Manager
    Email: jsmith2@ewsd.org
    Phone: (802) 857-7037

    Westford Elementary School
    Linda Mathieu, CCR Transportation
    Email: linda@ccrtrans.comcastbiz.net
    Phone: (802) 849-6700