School Transportation

  • In keeping with past practices, the Essex Westford School District (EWSD) will be providing regular to-and-from busing for students living in Westford (K-8) and Essex Town (K-12). Beginning this school year, the District will begin providing bus transportation to Westford high school students (9-12) who attend Essex High School. For the 2018-19 school year, the EWSD will be expanding regular to-and-from busing for portions of Essex Junction. 

    For questions regarding transportation in Essex Town, you may contact:
    Muriel Ramos, Mountain Transit
    Phone: (802) 662-4544

    For questions regarding transportation in Westford, you may contact:
    Linda Mathieu, CCR Transportation
    Phone: (802) 849-6700

    For questions regarding transportation in Essex Junction or general questions about transportation for EWSD, you may contact:
    Brian Donahue, COO Essex Westford School District
    Phone: (802) 857-7040

    Bus Tips:

    • The times listed are estimated times
    • Times could change due to traffic, weather, students riding or not riding, etc.
    • Students should be out at their stop five minutes before the scheduled time of arrival
    • Because of the variables on each route, there is always a five-minute buffer, before and after the scheduled time, as no bus can be exact every day