Welcome to EWSD Parent Teacher Organizations!

  • The PTOs of Essex Westford School District (EWSD) are dedicated to encouraging parent, community, educational staff, and public involvement in our schools.

    As a recently combined school district made up of three different municipalities, you’ll find that PTOs at each school may work a little differently.

    For example:

    • A combined PTO Board, called the Essex Town PTO, oversees three schools including Essex Elementary, Founders Memorial and Essex Middle School.
    • Other PTOs represent one school.
    • Some schools, including ADL and EHS, don't have a PTO, but do have opportunities for parents to connect with the school. Visit ADL's PAWS (Positive Adults Working to Support Students) on Facebook. (Opens in a new window.)

    Find your school's PTO contact information in the left column, and sign up for events, seasonal assitance, and more. 

*Volunteering Update *

  • *Given the current COVID-19 environment, volunteers and visitors will not be allowed in the Essex Westford School District buildings during school hours at this time. Co-curricular and athletics outside of school hours may allow volunteers as needed. A small, limited number of volunteers may be requested to join outdoor, pre-approved field trips on an as needed basis. Communication will come from your school if an opportunity exists to volunteer. 

    Please review the district's recent communications page for any updated COVID-19 guidance.

Other Ways to Help EWSD Schools

  • EWSD welcomes any caregivers and friends to get involved. Other options outside of PTOs that help our district: