• EHS Band Ensembles

    A climate of Pride, Respect, and Responsibility (our band motto) define the path in which we strive to become the quintessential high school instrumental music program in Vermont.  Our musical community will provide a nurturing environment unlike any other within the school day for you to grow. We use music as the vehicle to develop skills that are relevant and meaningful to a lifelong love of learning and citizenship.

    Band is a class unlike any other you’ve been a part of - we work together during school to develop musically as well as interpersonally so that we can give back to the community in many rewarding ways, including evening or weekend events.
    Our band program offers the following classes for credit during the school day: Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble. Our band program offers the following classes before the school day for credit: Essex Jazz Junction and Essex Jazz Orchestra. Our ensembles combine to make one large pep band for athletic events and marching band for our hometown Memorial Day Parade.


    The high school orchestra program provides an opportunity for students to continue their study of a string instrument throughout high school. The program provides its members an opportunity to represent the school and community through a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year. Students registering for orchestra must have previous experience playing a stringed instrument. After registration, orchestra members will be placed in an ensemble based upon student ability/experience and the ensemble’s instrumentation needs, as determined by the director. The group is dedicated to the study, preparation and performance of music from a variety of musical time periods as well as a survey of music theory and music theory as it relates to the repertoire performed in class.


    Orchestra 2017

    Symphonic Band

    Symphonic Band is open to all students at EHS. All freshmen band students enroll in Symphonic Band. This band provides a wealth of opportunities for students to continue developing the fundamentals of musicianship in a positive and supportive setting. Each year the band takes a trip, participates in band social events likal trip to Jay Peak, Movie Nights and more! Symphonic band meets during the school day.

    Symphonic Band 2017  


    Wind Ensemble

    Wind Ensemble is open to students by audition in grades 10-12 and provides an advanced experience that builds on the foundation developed through Symphonic Band. This ensemble regularly works with guest artists and will be commissioning new music for a world premiere performance in February. Wind Ensemble members frequently serve as mentors to Symphonic Band and middle school students.

    Each year the band performs at the VMEA festival, goes on a local tour, and takes a trip. Wind Ensemble meets during the school day.

     Wind Ensemble 2017


    Essex Jazz Orchestra

    While not a club but actual classes for credit, our music department provides two offerings for students to explore jazz before the school day.  The Essex Jazz Junction is a non-auditioned ensemble that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-7:55am.  The Essex Jazz Orchestra is an auditioned 200-level ensemble that meets Mondays and Fridays from 7-7:55am.  Prerequisite for enrollment in both ensembles is participation in our regular bands, Symphonic Band or the Wind Ensemble.   Rhythm section players like guitar and piano do not need to be enrolled in an EHS ensemble to participate.  See Mrs. Trutor in the band room for more details about our bands.  

    Essex Jazz Orchestra 2017


    Essex Jazz Junction

    The EJJ is open to all students and instruments within the band and orchestra program. Guitar and bass players are welcome too! No prior jazz or improvisation experience is necessary to join this group. The EJJ performs regularly with the EJO at the Vermont Association for Jazz Education (VTAJE) Jazz Festival, the Discover Jazz Festival and the Essex Jazz Festival. This group is a great way to get excited about jazz!

    Jazz Band 2017




    Both the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble join forces to make one large pep band called "the SWARM!" for fall football and winter hockey games.  Students work during their regular class periods to perfect our awesome pep band music so that we can bring a good show to you.  See Mrs. Trutor in the band room for more details about Symphonic Band or Wind Ensemble.

    SWARM 2017


    Essex Drumline

    The Essex Drumline is our newest addition the the Essex Bands lineup. The drumline rehearses throughout the school year performing with the bands, and, new this year, they will perform as a stand alone drumline at select home winter sporting events.