Research & Databases

  • Researching? Awesome! Do your best work with the resources below. 


    Information from a database is trustworthy because it comes from a professional, reliable, and current resource. 


    Google is good, but when it comes to academic research we strongly recommend starting with one of these search engines.


    Make sure to cite your images!

    Copyright matters - protect the rights of others and yourself by choosing images labeled for reuse and properly crediting where you found it.

    Here are some places to start searching. 

    • For Google images, type in your search.
    • Under the search bar, click on "Search Tools."
    • Then click on "Usage Rights" and choose the option that suits your project. 
    • * If you are going to change an image, you should choose a "Reuse with Modification" option. If you are pulling an image without changing it, choose "Labeled for reuse" OR "Labeled for noncommercial reuse." 

    Citations show where you found the information you are using. Providing a bibliography of your sources (a list of citations) is proof of the good work you did. Rememb​er: always include the link so people can find your sources easily!