*Volunteering Update *

  • *Given the current COVID-19 environment, volunteers and visitors will not be allowed in the Essex Westford School District buildings during school hours at this time. Co-curricular and athletics outside of school hours may allow volunteers as needed. A small, limited number of volunteers may be requested to join outdoor, pre-approved field trips on an as needed basis. Communication will come from your school if an opportunity exists to volunteer. 

    Please review the district's recent communications page for any updated COVID-19 guidance.

Helping Out at Fleming

  • We are always looking for volunteers at Fleming school for in-school assistance in library, art, makerspace, classrooms and field trip chaperoning!

    If you would like to volunteer at Fleming School this year, we ask that you please read about how to volunteer at Fleming School, and complete the online application and background screening.

    This form needs to be done annually, so if you registered last year, you will need to do it again this year.

  • Volunteer at School

    As required by the district and state laws, all volunteers must register using our EWSD volunteer registration system. 

    1. Please fill out the Fleming Volunteer Form for specific on-site requests.
    2. Read the EWSD Expectations for Volunteers Guide (goes to our district website) before starting. 
    3. You can also learn more about our background check process on our District's Volunteer pages (opens in a new window).

      Thank you!
  • Our PTO 

    Fleming's PTO helps support students and staff, and looks for opportunities to enrich the school community with relationship-building events or by supporting in-school initiatives. 



    2nd Wednesday of each month, at 6:30 p.m. 
    Fleming Teacher Lounge

    Childcare is provided.