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  • Westford PTO

    The Westford PTO’s mission is to enrich our children’s lives with educational and extracurricular activities.

    Westford PTO Requisition Form (google doc) is used by teachers and staff to submit requests for enriching programs, projects, and extracurricular clubs. In order to plan funding for the year, the PTO requests that all requisitions for the year be submitted by October 31.

    Westford PTO Proposal Form (google doc) is used to submit fundraising or special projects requesting the PTO's support in ways other than funding. Please submit proposals by the first of the month so the PTO can review it at our monthly meeting.

    Westford School Wish List (Google doc link) 

    A great way to directly help Westford teachers and staff!
    The Westford PTO maintains a list of needs and wishes solicited from the school community. These items represent an unfilled need and will directly enhance student learning experiences. Families and community members can make purchases and record when items are ordered and delivered.


  • Buy Local Fundraiser
    This November, with the generous help of many local businesses and producers, we will present the sixth year of our fundraiser — 100% organized and run by the Westford PTO. We deal directly with businesses and producers to keep our buying local, benefiting the community as well as our school. Look for fundraiser in November to support local business and stock up on Vermont products you love!
    Boxtops for Education
    Place into the wooden wall collection box opposite the office or give directly to the front office. The school earns 10 cents for every dollar, and the proceeds fund enriching programs for Westford School students who otherwise might not be able to participate. 
    Cash for Used Equipment
    • Westford School can trade in old cellphones and printer ink cartridges to equipment recyclers for cash. Bring in any extra, old, working, or broken cellphones and cartridges to the front office. They get recycled correctly AND it benefits our school.
    • Ask your employer if you can collect printer cartridges for our school.
    • Look for these used items at tag sales.
  • Parents, families, local businesses, and community members — Are you looking to help the school or make a donation of time or equipment? To donate any goods or services, please contact us at westfordvtpto@gmail.com.

    The Westford PTO welcomes suggestions of items or activities that could enrich students’ educational experiences.  If you have a suggestion, contact us at westfordvtpto@gmail.com.

  • Thank you for supporting your school!!

    Over the year, many parents, teachers, and community members go above and
    beyond to bring positive change to our school. We’d like to recognize those folks whose
    selfless contributions make our school the amazing place that it is. Thank you for your help
    and excellent example to others.