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    2020-21 is going to be a unique year for everyone. The Yearbook staff will need your support to ensure that we capture the memories of every EHS student. How can you help? Send us your photos! Please take and share photos of your peers and you engaging in positive school memories captured throughout the year.

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    Yearbooks Available for Purchase

    Purchase a yearbook now for $65 until January 29, 2021 (Revised). The price will increase to $70 on January 30, 2021. Yearbooks can be purchased online or by mailing checks to the school payable to EWSD along with the Yearbook Order Form*.

    *NO CASH PLEASE (personalization options only available online)

  • Senior Photos

    Senior Photo

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    DEADLINE: October 23, 2020The Yearbook staff will only accept VERTICAL PHOTOS that are 300 DPI (minimum 1200x1800 dpi) or better to ensure a clear and high-quality photo.

    Submitting a vertical photo will prevent undesirable cropping. Please avoid photos from webcams, taken directly from social media platforms, or screenshots. The digital quality will not be high enough and it will not be used. You will receive a confirmation email from Josten's when you upload your photo.

    Senior Quote  

    Submit Senior Quote

    DEADLINE: October 23, 2020Senior quotes must be school appropriate and limited to 200 CHARACTERS (including spaces and punctuations). The yearbook staff reserves the right to deny/edit any quote that we deem is inappropriate or too long. 

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  • Recognition Ads


    DEADLINE: October 31, 2020

    Parents can submit baby pictures online and create a page to celebrate student achievements and milestones! Pages can be created using baby pictures, family photos, etc. Click here to view full-color ad options and pricing. The base price for this is the same as it has been in past years at EHS. Jostens is managing this portion of the yearbook so please DO NOT send any photos to the yearbook staff directly.

    Click here to view important information regarding the recognition ads and FAQs.

    Please email us with questions at

  • Business Ads


    REVISED DEADLINE: February 11, 2020

    The Yearbook Staff is now accepting business advertisement orders for the 2020 - 2021 Essex High School Yearbook. You are a vital part of the Essex community and EHS would be honored if your company would place an advertisement in our Yearbook.

    This is a phenomenal opportunity to advertise your business to 1600+ Hornets as well as faculty, parents, and others actively engaged in our community. Your ad will be preserved as part of the EHS legacy. We offer a range of black and white ad sizes and are available to assist you in developing an ad that is right for your business. 

    Please click here to order online or click here for the mail-in order form.

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  • The yearbook staff is proud to partner with Jostens to bring you a high-quality yearbook full of Hornet memories. Follow EHS on Instagram:ehs_vt

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