Pre-Tech Overview

  • Pre-Tech is a series of classes designed for students interested in the Center for Technology, Essex. 

    Introduction to Automotive Technology

    This course is designed for ninth and tenth grade students interested in automotive and transportation-based careers. Students are introduced to the basic skills and knowledge that will help them better plan for continued exploration in the Automotive Technology industry. In addition to hands-on activities using the tools and equipment in the Automotive Technology lab, students complete career plans to better understand what is required to be successful in this industry. Students considering application to the center’s full day Automotive Technology program are encouraged to take this course.

    Recommended Prerequisite: Intro to Algebra or a similar math course.
    Note: This class meets the first block of the morning every other day
    HS Credits: One half elective credit and one half practical art credit.


    Introduction to Engineering

    Do you like to design and create? Is a career in engineering or architecture for you? This course was developed for ninth and tenth graders to give them a taste of how designers, engineers and architects create and design products, like buildings or machines, for our society. Students learn the elements and principles of art and how they are used in the design process by practicing the skills of drawing, sketching, 2-D computer aided design, 3-D computer aided design and problem solving to complete projects. Students will also learn about career paths in engineering and architecture and what colleges/universities require for entrance. Hands-on projects and field trips to industry sites are a regular part of this curriculum. This class is limited to 18 students.

    Note: This is class meets the first block of the morning every other day
    HS Credits: One half fine art credit and one half elective credit.