Renting Space at EMS

    • Contact your school's main office for specific questions about spaces that are available for use, or scheduling questions.
    • Usage fees vary according to the type of space, type of activity and the number of people in the group.
    • Space is made available at the discretion and availability of the school.
    • Please submit application two weeks in advance of the activity.
    • Permits for use of the building during non-school hours, including weekends and evenings, are available.
    • EWSD Property Services will send applicants notice when the application has been approved, or denied, and any associated fees and information. Please look for emails from us after submission.
    • In some cases, applicants may need to show proof of insurance depending on the participants and activities involved. Read more on our Rules and Procedures page.

Property Services Contacts

  • Main: (802) 857-7775

    Kim Connelly - Staff Assistant
    (802) 857-7144




  • Scheduling dates and clearance of space can be discussed with EMS directly. 

    Contact: 802-879-7173.

EMS Facilities Rental

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