• Social & Emotional Wellbeing

    Our health office maintains a highly qualified school nurse providing direct care and supporting coordinated health plans.   

    Our full-time school counselor promotes a comprehensive guidance program. 

    The implementation of PBIS is a universal approach to supporting the social and emotional growth of all students. 

    Various supports are in place to recognize positive student behaviors, to teach and practice school-wide expectations, and to create individualized plans for students who are experiencing difficulty with meeting our school wide expectations of being safe, kind, and responsible. 

    Westford School strives to support the well-being and growth of all students by paying particular attention to student learning and achievement as well as safe, healthy, and respectful learning environments. 

    You may wish to see our past School Climate Results where teachers, students, and families provided feedback on the essential measures of school climate. 

    Student, family, and teacher responses reflect the high academic and social standards that are evident in the Westford School culture.

    How children learn is as important as what they learn. Children need to learn cooperation, assertion, responsibility, empathy, and self-control if they are to be successful socially and academically.

    Responsive Classroom is a practical way of teaching that integrates social and academic learning and is a long standing practice at Westford School.

    Our goal in utilizing PBIS and Responsive Classroom is to help children thrive academically, socially and emotionally.

    Morning meetings, student recognition for meeting school-wide expectations, logical consequences, in-class self-regulation options, teaching replacement behaviors when needed, academic choice, and a workshop model of instruction are the foundational components of our safe and respectful school.