• Relocation Drill

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/10/2019

    out for a walk

    This morning all Hiawatha children practiced our school relocation drill. We evacuated the school at 8:30 and all walked over to St. Lawrence church. The students were so amazing! Well done. 

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  • Reading Logs

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/9/2019

    reading at home

    Please take a peek in your child's homework folder each night as you will find a nightly reading log. It is their responsibility to fill out the form each day, get a parent signature, and then turn it in the next day. If you should lose the log, or they forget to bring it home, they can use a piece of paper to jot down the same information for credit, OR you can reprint the log from the link below. Thanks!

    Nightly Reading Log 

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  • Unveiling the Chrome Books

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 10/7/2019


    It was an exciting afternoon for the children in room 25. Mr. Tamayo, our school's Educational Technology Integration Specialist, (whoa, say that real fast,) came in to set up student accounts with the class. The children learned how to log on to their Chrome book first. Then, they created their own background and even took a selfie using the web cam for their profile picture. They are so excited to use the computers. In class we will explore our classroom web page and blog, read articles on Scholastic News, play math games and learn about the world around us through teacher-guided online activities. 

    Chrome books  Chrome books  Chrome books

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  • Meet Mrs. Hultgren

    Hi friends. Thanks for visiting my page. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm thrilled to be in my 24th year of teaching here at Hiawatha School. I have been teaching second grade for about 18 years, but I started at Hiawatha as a kindergarten teacher. I am super-lucky to share that I absolutely LOVE my job. I have a lot of fun with kids because, quite honestly, I believe that I still am a kid myself...

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