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  • Goods and Services

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 12/13/2018

    Today we read an article from Scholastic News called "Piles of Presents." It was about ways to give to others. Students learned the difference between goods and services. We then sorted picture cards into boxes labeled "Goods" and "Services." 

    sorting cards

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  • Mistakes that Worked and the Chocolate Chip Cookie

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 12/12/2018


    Did you know that the chocolate chip cookie was discovered back in 1930 when Ruth Wakefield, caretaker of the Toll House Inn in New Bedford, Massachusetts was baking a batch of chocolate cookies? She ran out of baker's chocolate so she decided to break up little pieces of semi-sweet chocolate into her dough. She expected the dough to absorb the chocolate, but instead the chocolate bits did not fully melt. Hence, the chocolate chip cookies was created. 

    Yesterday, I asked the children to do some research at home to see if there are places in the world where you can buy only chocolate chip cookies. Here's what Eva found...

    Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar

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  • Upcoming Celebration

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 12/10/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Dear Parents, 

    We will have a holiday celebration next Thursday at 1:30. Students will build gingerbread houses. I am looking for donations from parents for the supplies needed to create these masterpieces. Please add your name to the Google Doc if you can send an item or two in with your child. Thanks!

    gingerbread house

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  • Meet Mrs. Hultgren

    Hi friends. Thanks for visiting my page. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm thrilled to be in my 22nd year of teaching here at Hiawatha School. I have been teaching second grade for about 16 years, but I started at Hiawatha as a kindergarten teacher. I am super-lucky to share that I absolutely LOVE my job. I have a lot of fun with kids because, quite honestly, I believe that I still am a kid myself...

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