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  • Hello parents, students and families! Welcome to our classroom page. Here is where you will find daily posts of what we've been doing in the classroom. I will post student work, photographs, and information about the day's lessons and activities. Please check in regularly so you can be informed about  your child's day at school. 

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  • Happy Birthday Mrs. Kagan

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 12/2/2020

    Mrs. Kagan

    Today was a special day in room 25. Mrs. Kagan, one of the many friendly faces in our classroom, celebrated her birthday. Yesterday the children all made her cards and today they each presented them to her. We hope she had a very special day. 

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  • SEL Standard #2

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 12/1/2020


    Today the students of Hiawatha participated in another schoolwide Zoom lesson with Mrs. Grykien. Our focus this time was on Social Emotional Learning Standard #2: Self regulation. 

    Actually, self regulation is a set of skills. It involves using your mind to influence your behavior. We learn to watch and influence our thoughts (executive function), watch and influence our feelings (emotional regulation) which ultimately leads to controlling our own actions (behavioral regulation).

    Students learned about stressors and strategies. Together we are completing booklets where we list events that may push out of the green zone, (stressors,) and the tools or plan we use to get us back to the green zone, (strategies.)


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  • Thinking about Twos

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/30/2020

    thinking about twos

    In today's math lesson, students examined, discussed and wrote equations to match a collection of dot arrays. Then, they brainstormed a list of things that come in twos. Our list was a long one. It included eyes, hands, hockey skates, love birds, twins, quotation marks, and more! We voted as a class and selected twins and eyes as we created a class chart of twos. Tomorrow we will examine the chart closely and notice patterns we see when we count by twos. 

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  • Using the open number line

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/20/2020

    In math students are learning how to use an open number line to solve double-digit equations. Here's is a short video that explains the process.


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  • Learning the FLOSS rule

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/19/2020

    Students are learning the FLOSS rule for spelling this week. You can help your child by pointing out words in their reading that may follow this rule, or challenging them to write words using the rule. Here's a little video to explain when to use the FLOSS rule. 


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  • Finding the Main Idea

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/18/2020

    During Reader's Workshop students are learning to find the main idea of a nonfiction text by looking at the title, key words and phrases, pictures, and repeating words. Check out this video as I explain the process. 


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  • Mystery Science Activity

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/13/2020

    Hey kids!

    Are you looking for an interesting mini-lesson about where our garbage goes? Check out this Mystery Science lesson called "What do garbage trucks do with garbage?"

    garbage truck

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  • Using quotation marks

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/12/2020

    Students continue to work on their personal narratives during Writing Workshop. One of the targets we aim towards is making our characters come to life with dialogue. This week we have focused on using quotation marks in our writing and recognizing dialogue tags in our reading to make our stories interesting. This was a fun activity the kids completed using elbow noodles.

    noodle fun


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  • Earning our way to 100 bees

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/11/2020

    We were visited by the Queen Bee this afternoon. She left us this note at our door.note from queen bee

    Kids are working hard at being Kind, Safe, and their Best. Keep up the positive vibes!

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  • Adding detail to our writing

    Posted by Chrissy Hultgren on 11/10/2020

    Students learned today that we can bring our stories to life by adding details. If we use our senses and think about adding descriptive language, our writing can sound so much better to our reader. Here's an example that Lucas tried today in his writing. He started wtih only one sentence and added a second, more detailed description. Nice job kiddo!



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  • Meet Mrs. Hultgren

    Hi friends. Thanks for visiting my page. Let me tell you a little about myself. I'm thrilled to be in my 24th year of teaching here at Hiawatha Elementary School. I've been teaching second grade for about eighteen years, but I started at Hiawatha as as a kindergarten teacher. I am super-lucky to report that I absolutely LOVE my job. I have a lot of fun with kids because quite honestly, I believe that I am still a kid myself...

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