• Our mission:

    Think * Create * Share * Grow

    The mission of the EWSD libraries is to create inviting learning environments that inspire and honor curiosity, creativity, and collaboration.

    In partnership with students and staff, we support and recognize reading as the foundation for students to become skilled in multiple literacies. We strive to ensure that students become successful lifelong learners.

    Library Procedures:

    Each class is scheduled to visit the Learning Center weekly. Check with your child’s teacher about their library day, and please help your child remember to pack their library books the night before.


    • Kindergartners may borrow two items each week, as long as they return the books from the week before. 
    • Children in grades 1 and 2 may check out up to 4 items. 
    • Please talk to your child about choosing a special place in your home to keep library materials where they will be safe from pets, food, beverages, and very young siblings. Also, please keep books in a plastic bag when inside their backpack, protected from their lunch, snack items and water bottles. 
    • We provide one special plastic bag that your child should use as their library bag. 

    Lost or Damaged Items:

    • If materials are lost or damaged, we ask the family to pay the replacement value. We will refund your money if the book is found within 3 months.
    • We do not charge overdue fees for late books.


    EWSD Library Media Selection Procedure

    • How materials are selected for the library.