• Special Populations at CTE

For Educators & Students with Special Needs


    In addition to the preceding procedure, please note the following clarifications and guidelines involved in facilitating an application for a high school student with special needs. Unless noted, the following applies to students eligible for IEP or 504 services.

    PLEASE NOTE: State and Federal Law requires the application process at CTE to be blind to disabilities. CTE will not ask for any information regarding disability prior to actual student acceptance. To preserve the process, CTE requests that questions related to a specific student’s needs not include a name or other identification and that conversations be couched in the hypothetical sense. It is acceptable for CTE to address specifically identified student information and/or meet prior to acceptance if the student and guardian are aware that this activity will affect the right to acceptance without knowledge of disability.

    1. Student Visits
    Case managers/IEP teams are encouraged to request program information and consult with CTE special populations teachers regarding program prerequisites and requirements relative to a student’s needs. If the IEP team considers the application appropriate, the student is encouraged to apply. Students with special needs are encouraged to visit CTE with the other students from their sending school. If a student will be accompanied by a staff person, or needs other considerations to ensure a successful visit, please be sure to inform CTE special populations teachers in advance of the scheduled visit.

    2. Application
    In the interest of appropriate placement, it is strongly encouraged that case managers and home school counselors communicate with each other to coordinate during the process.

    3. Step-Up Day
    All students invited to Step-Up Day are expected to attend CTE on this day with their peers and participate fully in programs and activities. This is a required part of application.

    4. Decision
    Official acceptance into a CTE program, for all students, is based on meeting the program prerequisites and the recommendations of the CTE Admissions Committee.

    Pre-Enrollment Meeting:When a student with a special needs designation is accepted to CTE, the home school must provide the CTE Special Populations teacher with a copy of the IEP, 504 plan, evaluations and any other information pertinent to evaluation of the appropriateness of a student’s proposed technical program.
    An IEP/504 meeting is then requiredfor students served under IDEA or 504. Members of the IEP/504 team shall include the technical education special populations teacher and the instructor of the desired technical education program.
    Per Career & Technical Education State Board Regulations section 2387.21: “Students identified as being eligible for services under the Individuals withDisabilities Education Act, and/or reasonable accommodations under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, shall be considered for enrollment in technical education at a (an) IEP/504 meeting. When an IEP/504 team determines that the student would benefit from an appropriate placement in technical education, the student may apply for admission to the technical center. Members of the IEP/504 team shall include the technical education Special Populations Teacher and the instructor of the desired technical education program.”

    CTE encourages early completion of the above requirements – we request that all materials be provided within 10 days of acceptance notices to schools.