School-Wide Expectations

    • Take care of yourself.
    • Take care of others.
    • Take care of our school.
    • Take care of our world.

    Teams will work with students to determine what these expectations look like and sound like. They will set classroom and team expectations that directly connect to the above-mentioned school-wide expectations. Adults will model, practice with students, and review these expectations at the start of the year and in an ongoing manner throughout the school year.

    • Discipline: As part of Responsive Classroom, all classes will be using the same series of consequences for students.  

      If a classroom expectation is not met by a student, the teacher will give the student a reminder.  If the behavior continues, then the student will be directed to move into a “take a break” area of the room.  

      If the behavior continues, the student will have a time out in another, pre-designated classroom. The next step would be administrative intervention. Some behaviors (physical aggression, harassment, bullying) will be “fast-tracked” to administration and are subject to in-school or out-of-school suspensions.  Your classroom teacher will be communicating with you if behavior is an ongoing concern, and we will be working together to develop a plan to help the student be more successful.  

    • Physical Aggression and Unsafe Behavior on the School Bus  The number one priority for students is safety. Kindness and respect towards others is the expectation at FMS.

      All students have the right to feel safe on the school bus. Aggressive behavior on the bus is taken very seriously, just as it would be at school. When aggressive and unsafe behaviors are reported, the principal and the student management specialist will review video footage of the day and time in question. Bus suspensions will be implemented if the video reveals students are being physically aggressive or unsafe. The number of days students are suspended will depend on the severity of the behavior.

      Only the administration and designated school personnel are allowed to view the video footage, for confidentiality reasons. 

    • Electronic devices are encouraged to be left at home. The only exception is when the teacher gives students specific permission to use the electronic device for specific reasons directly related to learning.  

      If devices are used inappropriately and violates our acceptable use guidelines, the office will be contacted and the student may lose the privilege. All students are instructed early on in the year, and throughout the year, on the acceptable use of technology and they are subject to a loss of technology privileges if they violate expectations.  If students must bring a cell phone to school, they are expected to leave it in their backpack with it turned off. They are not allowed to use devices during lunch or on the playground, and they should not be taken out on the bus.

    • Walking and Biking to School: Bus transportation is provided to students at Founders. Bus route information will be posted to the EWSD website.  If your children bike to school, we strongly encourage them to wear helmets. In addition, please take time with your children to carefully review safety protocols for crossing streets. We suggest walking or biking with your child, in advance of the first day of school, to review these important safety rules.