Behavior Expectations or School Rules

  • Our school-wide behavior expectations are Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Responsible.

    We will be using PBIS to promote desired behaviors at Summit Street School.   PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports; it is an evidence-based framework for developing positive behavior.  PBIS is used by schools nationwide to create a positive climate for learning. 

    The goal is to create a positive social culture in which positive behaviors are explicitly taught and reinforced and all adults respond to problem behaviors in a consistent way.

    Below we have listed what "expected behaviors" are used as guidance in different school spaces.

  • General Guidelines 

    • Be Safe

    • Be Kind 

    • Be Responsible


    • Be in control of your body

    • Use respectful tone and words

    • Be self-aware


    • Walk

    • Greet others with a friendly wave

    • Stay in your own personal space


    • Sit 3 kids to a bench

    • Use your manners

    • Clean your space

  • Playground

    • Be in control of your body

    • Be a good sport

    • Stay in the boundaries


    • Use just right sites with adult permission

    • Share technology

    • Treat materials with care


    • One kid in each stall

    • Use appropriate words and volume

    • Clean up after yourself


    • Be in control of your body

    • Use manners

    • Follow adult directions