Chromebooks and Digital Learning

  • Computers are a vital tool for student learning in high school, EHS provides chromebooks to support academic work both in school and at home. EHS uses an online learning environment (Google and other resources) through which students will access assignments, activities, resources and some textbooks necessary to complete their school work. Just as we issue textbooks to all of our students, we will issue chromebooks to all students who spend the majority of their day at EHS. 

    EHS 1:1 Student Program Expectations

    We expect that all students will:

    • Bring the chromebooks to school each day charged and ready
    • Because charging will happen at home, keep the charger at home to avoid loss
    • Have the chromebooks ready for all classes as required by teachers
    • Take responsibility for the care of the devices, following the school device care guidelines document, and be accountable if devices are lost or damaged.
    • Check their account regularly for notifications from the school and district
    • Return the chromebook and charger in good condition at the end of each school year
    • Follow the guidelines in the Student Handbook


  • EWSD Helpdesk (operates 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. weekdays)
    (802) 857-7777


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