Getting to Westford

  • Westford School has historically been served by bus service for all attending students K-8. 

    • If your student has an IEP that includes transportation, and you have questions, contact your case manager.
    • Every Tuesday, students will be dismissed at 1:45.  Please make arrangements for your child’s afterschool pick-up plan and be sure to include them on the sheet for dismissal information. If you need care for children because of early dismissal, visit the Afterschool page.
    • If you need to drive your child to school, please review the Drop-Off/Pick-Up instructions.
    • For district-wide updates and news visit EWSD's Transportaton page (new window.)
  • Looking for your route?

    EWSD implemented a new Bus Route Finder tool that makes it easier than ever to find your bus routes! We will continue to update you when changes occur and you can find them reflected both on the tool, as well as our pages.

    Westford Bus Routes - AM/PM - K-8

    Westford Bus Routes -AM/PM - EHS

    Bus Tips:

    • All stops are estimated times
    • Times could change due to traffic, weather, students riding or not riding, etc.
    • Students should be out at their stop five minutes before the scheduled time of arrival
    • Because of the variables on each route, there is always a five-minute buffer, before and after the scheduled time, as no bus can be exact every dayAll stops are estimated times of arrival
    • All students need to be in plain sight to ensure proper pick-up
    • In low light conditions, it is helpful to wave a lighted device (flashlight, cell phone, etc…) as the bus approaches

    If you have any additional questions, please contact the Transportation Manager, Jamie Smith at 857-7037 or email:


  • Terri Martin, Administrative Assistant at Westford School. School or student issues or questions.
    (802) 878-5932

    EWSD Transportation Line: (802) 857-7077

    Our transportation phone line is staffed from the first bus pick-up to last bus drop-off.

    Jamie Smith, Transportation Manager
    Phone: (802) 857-7037

    Westford Elementary School:
    Linda Mathieu, CCR Transportation
    Phone: (802) 849-6700