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School Day Procedures

  • Start and Dismissal

    Students may arrive at 7:45 a.m., unless they are on buses and arrive earlier. Learn more about Drop Off and Pick Up or Buses at Fleming.

    Breakfast is available from 7:45 a.m. on. Learn more about our Food Services.

    The school day begins at 8:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM except Tuesdays when the school day ends at 2:00 PM. 

    When students are dismissed early for the day, all students will exit through the front door of the school.

    Leaving Early or Appointments

    A parent/guardian is expected to enter into the building and sign a student out in the main office.

    Notify the main office at 802-878-1381 for an early departure: we can have the student waiting for you in the main office, and it gives notice to your student’s teacher so they may gather any necessary items that need to go home with your student that day.

    You may also use the Fleming Absence Form to notify the school of late arrivals or early departures. 

    Visiting the School

    We take many steps to ensure that your children and our staff members are safe at school.

    • All our school doors lock at 8:10 am. All entrances, including the main front door, are locked until 3:00 pm.
    • Visitors must enter through the main entrance by using our intercom, and all visitors will be screened before entering. 
    • Visitors must check-in at the main office to sign in and receive a nametag. 
    • Visitors must also checkout from the main office upon departure. 
    • Visitors are only allowed to enter and exit through the main entrance.
    • Park in one of the designated parking spots in front of the school, Learn more about parking for visitors and pick up.

    Drills and Safety

    We practice school safety drills on a monthly basis. We use our fire alarm system and our public announcement system to practice a variety of school safety drills including traditional fire alarm drills, evacuation drills, and school lockdown drills.

    We will continue to work in concert with the Essex Police Department on our school safety drills. Most of these drills will be unannounced to students and staff to test our school’s readiness in an emergency.

    We will also plan an evacuation/relocation drill to move to one of our three identified school relocation sites.

    School Attendance

    • Students are expected to attend school Monday-Friday from 8:00am to 3:00pm (Tuesdays until 2:00pm). 
    • Students are expected to report to class at 8:00 am for classroom attendance.
    • Any student arriving after 8:10 am must check-in at the Main Office for a late arrival slip and they are documented as being tardy.
    • We ask that families keep travel time limited to scheduled vacations to limit the impact being out of school has on student learning. 
    • Making up work is not equivalent to being in class, learning with one’s peers.
    • If your child is out sick for more than three days, a doctor’s note will be requested.
    • Any planned absences from school require a note from the student’s parent/guardian ahead of time and may require approval from Principal Ryan to be considered an excused absence.
    • Please review our school calendar for vacations and special events.  

    Absences and Tardiness

    When a pattern of absences or tardiness occurs the principal will send home a letter to establish awareness of school absences on the student learning progress.

    This is sometimes followed by a request for meeting if the pattern continues. These communication outreach practices are consistent with District truancy policies. 

    Impact on Learning Actions

    • If your child is absent 10 school days, the attendance policy will be mailed to you along with a request to discuss the possible impact on learning and any needed supports.  
    • If your child is absent on 15 or more occasions, the school will invite you to attend an attendance/truancy meeting to discuss possible solutions to reduce future absences.
    • If your child misses 20 or more days of school, the school district may be required to seek remedy through court action with the Chittenden County State’s Attorney.

    The EWSD attendance policy, including tardy procedures, is outlined in the student handbook.  Parents are expected to provide a written explanation of student absences. These may be submitted to either the main office, through email to the front office at jialdrich@ewsd.org, via the web page, or to the health office.   

    If your child will not be attending school for the day, will be late, or will be picked up early from school, please call the Fleming Attendance Line at 857-7004 by 8:20 am to let us know. Or use the Fleming Absence Form to report absences in advance.