Welcome to Founders Memorial School

  • We hope you'll have a wonderful experience in grades 3-5 while here. On this section of our website we have compiled resources from around the EWSD district to help parents find what they need and have positive interactions with the school both in person, and from home. 

    Need help? Please contact the school during regular weekday hours, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

    Phone: 802-879-6326

Family Forms

School Day Procedures

  • School Drop-Off and Pick Up for Drivers

  • Leaving and Entering the Building

  • Communications from School

  • Communication of Concerns (to School)

  • Student Behavior and School-Wide Expectations

  • In-School Visitation / Volunteers in Classrooms

  • School Safety

  • Hazing, Harassment & Bullying

  • Electronic Devices and Use of Technology

  • Physical Aggression and Unsafe Behavior on the School Bus