Transcript Requests from EHS

  • Past Student Transcript Request

    *Please note that we do NOT keep copies of diplomas. Those are printed once at the time of the student's graduation. All files (except transcripts) are destroyed 7 years after the graduation, transfer or drop date.

    Please visit for the most up to date information about COVID. Due to these recent school changes:

    • A transcript request must be made in writing by EMAIL only until further notice.
    • Important! Put "Transcript Request" in your subject line.
    • EHS will send the transcript within 10 business days from when the request is received

    You must include in your email request:

    • Your full name at the time of graduation
    • Date of Birth
    • Year of Graduation or last attended
    • Full name and EMAIL address of where the transcript should be sent. If the transcript can not be emailed, please send the full mailing address. 

    Where to Send Requests