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  • The EWSD emphasizes the 'growing hearts' piece of our mission with a strong commitment to social and emotional learning (SEL).

    We know that by supporting social and emotional learning, we have the power to improve behavioral, academic and long-term outcomes for students.


    Dylan McNamara, Ph D.
    Director of Social Emotional Learning and Wellness
    Co-Director of Student Support Services
    Ph: (802) 857-2004






What is Social and Emotional Learning?

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) describes a set of skills that help students to gain confidence, social skills, and emotional intelligence. EWSD has chosen to break those skills down into the 5 competencies listed below. 

    The EWSD applies essential standards for children in grades K-12 under each competency. The standards provide guide posts and common language for educators as they determine grade-level appropriate learning and goals to be incorporated into the SEL curriculum.  

    Self-Awareness   K-5 Standards     6-8 Standards     9-12 Standards

    The ability to recognize and reflect on your thoughts, feelings, strengths, and behaviors. 

    Self-Management   K-5 Standards     6-8 Standards    9-12 Standards

    The ability to use healthy strategies to cope with stress and hard feelings, to stay organized and focused, to set and reach goals, and to work through challenges. 

    Social Awareness   K-5 Standards    6-8 Standards    9-12 Standards

    The ability to understand the thoughts and feelings of others, respect their rights, and appreciate diversity. 

    Relationship Skills   K-5 Standards    6-8 Standards    9-12 Standards

    The ability to build and maintain healthy connections with peers, teachers, families, and other groups. 

    Responsible Decision-Making   

    K-5 Standards     6-8 Standards    9-12 Standards

    The ability to make choices that consider your own well-being as well as the well-being of others. 

    The following resources were used in the development of the EWSD SEL Standards:


    Teaching Tolerance Social Justice Standards

    Second Step