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Teacher Agreement

  • Teacher Agreement 2019-2020

    This Agreement is made and entered into by and among the Essex Westford Educational Community Unified Union School Board and the Essex Westford Education Association, an affiliate of the Vermont-NEA and the National Education Association.

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  • Letter of Understanding - Seniority

    “If a reduction in force requires a teacher to be reassigned to another school, neither the sending nor the receiving school shall be obligated to alter the school’s master schedule (nor split a class) in order to accommodate the reassignment.  This may mean that the least senior person in the seniority category being reduced will not be the person receiving the reduction-in-force.  Instead, the least senior person that will enable the reassignment to occur will be the person who is reduced within the seniority category”...

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  • Side Letter of Agreement - Column Movement

    1. Teachers employed by the Essex Town School District as of 6/30/17 who were placed at B+45 for the 2016-17 school year shall be eligible for column movement to M+30 once they accrue 60 approved credits after the attainment of their bachelor’s degree (pursuant to Article 13.5), whether or not the teacher holds a Master’s Degree.
    2. This Agreement is unique to this case, is non-precedent setting, and does not establish any practice or foundation for future negotiations between the parties; and,
    3. The Association agrees not to grieve the existence of this Agreement, and the Association furthermore agrees not to use this Agreement as a basis for grievance on this topic.

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  • Side Letter of Agreement - Work Day

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