Welcome to Thomas Fleming Elementary School!

    During the 2019-2020 school year, we look forward to a
    cooperative and committed home-school partnership. Parent
    involvement is encouraged and welcomed. There are countless
    opportunities to be involved in our school including serving
    on PTO-related committees and events; volunteering in
    the classrooom/school setting, attending school sponsored
    events, and supporting your child’s learning daily. We welcome
    you and your children to our school.

    For the safety of the children, the school office confirms all absences.
    LINE AT 857-7004 BY 8:15 A.M. TO LET US KNOW.
    When your child returns to school, a note should be sent in explaining
    his/her absence.

    Students are required by law to attend school daily. Planned
    absences should be cleared in advance by the school. The school calendar,
    teacher planning, and a student’s academic standing should be
    considered carefully before definite plans are made.
    absences due to illness

    Absences Due to Illness
    Our school environment promotes the health and wellness of our
    students, faculty and staff. We encourage children to stay home when
    they are sick so that they can receive the rest and care they may need.
    If a child becomes ill at school, a parent or person identified on the
    emergency card will be notified so that arrangements can be made to
    have the child taken home to be cared for. If a child returns and is well
    enough to be in school, participation in all activities, including recess
    and gym is expected. If a child is not able to participate in all activities,
    please send a note from your doctor explaining the limitations.
    When a student returns to school following an absence, a note to
    the teacher or office explaining the absence is necessary. Teachers will
    assist with “make-up” work and send work home when advance notice
    is provided.

    After School Late Departure
    All students must leave school grounds by 3:10 p.m. unless they
    have been asked to remain by their teachers, or some special activity
    has been arranged for them. If a teacher or administrator keeps a
    student in the classroom because of behavioral concerns or to
    complete assignments after 3:30 p.m. the parents will be notified by
    the teacher.

    Hat, Gum, and Cell Phone Policy
    The wearing of hats/hoods inside the school are prohibited
    unless authorized as part of PBIS Celebration days. Gum chewing
    and cell phone use by students is not allowed unless approved for a
    specific purpose.

    We are committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment
    for everyone at Thomas Fleming School. We have established clear
    and positive focused behavior expectations school-wide that we will help all
    students learn and follow. We believe that caring, respectful and responsible
    students contribute to the learning success for all. “A respectful learning
    environment is everyone’s responsibility and everyone’s right.”

    Our school should be a safe and supportive place to learn. If a student
    feels that he/she is being bullied, and it is safe to do so, the student may
    tell that person to stop. Victims or witnesses are asked to report bullying
    to the school principal, teacher, or staff member. parents/Guardians
    who believe their child has been a victim of bullying may file a written
    report of suspected bullying with the school and report this immediately
    to School principal Daniel ryan. The school staff designated to
    receive reports of bullying are Teacher, jeff Guilmette,
    counselor, Coori Sellers, and ETIS, David Davidson (reports of
    cyber bullying).

    School/Home and Home/School Communications are vital
    to the working partnership between school and families. We
    commit to providing regular information about school programs
    and student progress. Together we will celebrate our students’
    success and work to resolve problems or barriers to the learning
    success and growth of each student. We care about your
    child’s academic, social, and emotional well being. Please let us
    know if your child has experienced something at school or away
    from school that may impact their learning focus or well being in
    any significant way.

    We believe that open and direct communications help us to
    develop the most effective home/school relationships and keep
    the support focused on the student. If you have questions about
    instruction, discipline, homework, or learning materials, please
    be encouraged to talk first with your child’s teacher.
    If there are changes in address, home or work phone numbers,
    family or custody status, health issues, or childcare, please notify
    us immediately so that we may update our records. In case of an
    emergency the school must have up-to-date information. Safety
    comes first at Fleming School.

    Computer Use Policies
    The learning appropriate and purposeful use of technology to
    support and transform learning is an expectation and a responsibility
    for all learners and educators at Fleming School. All students
    and their parents/guardians will commit to and sign an acceptable
    use agreement which allows for students to use the school provided
    technology resources in a responsible and safe manner.

    Fleming Web Page – Fleming Flyer
    Make sure to bookmark the Fleming web page in your
    browser! We update our website regularly, and we publish a new
    edition of the Fleming Flyer every other Friday. Our website is a
    communication connection within our school and EWSD district

    Fleming students are expected to read for 30 minutes every
    night. There are times when math or writing assignments are given
    that extend beyond the school day. Students benefit from an MTSS
    approach and their learning is supported through differentiated instruction
    and by participation in tiered intervention group work as
    needed. We acknowledge our students need for learning and social
    development that is available outside of the school beyond the
    school day. We also understand the great value of family time that
    these limited homework expectations allow.

    Falcon Feathers/Blue Slips - Opportunity Room
    Following a PBIS systems approach we seek to frequently
    acknowledge and commend our students who are following
    school expectations in all areas of the school. Staff may offer a
    student specific praise and award them with a Fleming Falcon
    Feather card along with the positive feedback. These cards
    are brought back to class and acknowledged to contributing
    to a classroom and school goal. Achieving the school goal for
    awarded feathers results in special school wide celebration.

    Students who struggle to follow the school expectations
    may be given a blue Slip and asked to go to process with the
    school social support coordinator to address and learn to
    correct the problem behavior. Major violations of school
    expectations may require the student to meet with the
    principal. An email communication or phone call home will
    be made by the teacher

    Safety Drills
    Monthly safety drills will be conducted at the school. Our
    school safety plan will also include drills that will help us safely
    respond to a school crisis including; Clear the Halls, Lockdown
    Lockout and Evacuation Emergency response and safety procedures
    are directed through a District Safety Plan. These drills
    are developed with the collaboration of the Essex Junction Fire,
    Rescue, and Police and the District School Safety Director

    Student Council
    The eleven member Fleming Student Council meets biweekly
    on Friday mornings from 7:45 to 8:15 AM. There are
    2 student council members selected to serve from each
    Fleming School classroom. The Council Members serve in
    their school leadership positions by Semester.

    MTSS Intervention Program Supports
    In addition to the general learning and homework assignment
    help offered through the school day some students may be asked
    to participate in targeted math, literacy, and social skills learning
    intervention programs which are scheduled during two learning
    block times and may also be scheduled during an extended school
    day. Parent/Guardian permission would be required for student participation
    in these after school learner support programs and
    MTSS (Title One) Intervention programs.

    Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
    The PTO is one of our school’s finest assets. It is an active organization
    which offers opportunities for parent involvement which
    results in enhanced educational opportunities for our students. We are
    truly thankful for all they do for our Essex Junction youngsters. We
    encourage you to become involved in the Fleming PTO. Meetings
    are held monthly at the school.

    The school bell rings to start the day at 8:00 a.m. Students enter school
    and go directly to classrooms where attendance is taken. A student is considered
    “tardy” if they are not marked present on their classroom attendance by 8:10
    a.m. Parents/Guardians will be contacted to develop an attendance plan if there
    is a pattern of tardiness. Being on-time for school starts each student’s learning
    day off in a positive way and demonstrates respect and responsibility.

    Telephone / Cell Phones
    There are no phones designated for student independent use. Students need
    permission from their teacher or administration to access school telephones.
    Students are not allowed to answer school phones due to school safety guidelines.
    Students are not permitted to use cell phones or walkie talkie communication
    devices while at school. Students are not allowed to use personal technology
    to take photos or video images at school which have not been approved for
    educational purposes.

    Visitor Entry - School Safety Access
    Our school entrance will be locked from 8:10 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. each day.
    Visitors to the school during these hours will need to have their identity verified
    and disclose the purpose of their visit to school before being given permission to
    enter, and then be “buzzed in.” At the front door you will see a camera station.
    You need to press the button and wait for a staff member to address you over the
    intercom. You will be asked your name and the nature of your visit. After you
    are approved for entry, you will be asked to come to the Main Office to sign in
    and obtain a visitor’s badge. After your school visit you will return to the Main
    Office and sign out and return your visitor’s badge prior to exiting the school.