Red Clover Book Award


    The Red Clover Book Award is designed for children in kindergarten through fourth grade. Each year thousands of Vermont school children read the 10 nominated picture books and vote for their favorite in the spring. The award has been handed out annually since 1997. 


    Here are links to hear a few of the books being read aloud on Youtube:

    The Day you Begin

    Hawk Rising (read by Ms Wright) 

    Girl Running (read by Ms Wright)

    Counting on Katherine

    Drawn Together  (read by Ms Wright)


    Click Here for a slideshow with Summit Street School Staff members reading the poems from the book Friends and Foes. Listen to each poem carefully to see if you can figure out who the mystery reader is! Email Ms. Wright with your guesses!


    It's time to vote for your favorite!

    After you have read or listened to all 10 books click here to submit your vote for your favorite. Remember you can only pick ONE! Click HERE



  • 2019-2020 Nominated Books

    Posted by Jenny Wright on 3/27/2020

    All grades have read these books:

    Potato Pants   The Wall in the Middle of the Book   Julian is a Mermaid   Misunderstood Shark


    All Kindergarten classes have read these books:

    Hawk Rising Drawn Together The Day you Begin


    All 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade classes have read this book:

    Girl Running


    Books none of the classes have read yet:

    Counting on Katherine    Friends and Foes

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