Instructional Models

  • Our District leaders and principals worked collaboratively throughout the summer to create a plan that is focused on the health and safety of our students, staff, and community at large with the three scenarios below in mind, so that we can be ready to adapt if health data requires a shift to full remote learning or allows us to open our buildings to all students once again. 


    • Modified - Schools open with changes including social distancing, alternate schedules, and maybe even modified capacity

    • Remote Learning - At any point in the year, due to public health concerns, students may be required to learn remotely (e.g. spring 2020). We may need to close for a time period due to outbreaks even if it is for two weeks, we will be ready with remote learning.

    • Hybrid/Blended* - Teaching and learning with some students at home and some in school. This may be in effect if we have large numbers of students having to quarantine or due to other health issues that require them to learn from home.


    *The EWSD will open the 2020-2021 school year using the hybrid/blended model with an option for remote learning. Here is what each will look like:

    • Hybrid model: The hybrid model, having half of the students present in the building at one time, will help us to lower the health risk for our students and staff. The hybrid model provides your student with in-person instruction for content and social and emotional learning opportunities (two days per week) while also providing instruction for their remote learning (three days per week). It is our intent to keep families with students in different schools or in the same school on the same daily schedule for the hybrid model.
    • Remote Learning: Choosing to be fully remote (five days per week) allows you and your student to feel comfortable while still engaging in learning activities. Remote learning will look different than it did in the spring, as we have been working on improvements as a District over the summer. We fully understand that choosing remote learning, five days a week, might be the best option for some families.



    Other Factors