Degrees and Certifications:

Jennifer Rinehart

Welcome to First Grade! This is my first year teaching First Grade and I couldn’t be happier to be at EES! I moved to Vermont in July, 2019 shortly after graduating from Penn State. I taught Pre-K in Burlington for a year before coming and teaching Kindergarten at EES. I am so lucky to have had the chance to move into First Grade alongside these students!

Early Childhood Education is such a magical time, I feel honored to participate in the growth of young children. Sharing, independence, and responsibility are just a few of the big takeaways your child will leave the school year with. Fostering a collectively inclusive classroom community is of utmost importance to me. I value student voice and strive to ensure every child feels safe and happy at school. Characters like Mary Lennox, Alice Kingsleigh, and Hermione Granger helped me become the individual I am today. Literacy development started the moment your child entered the world; this year they’ll continue along their journey. Maybe they’ll meet a character that will have a lasting impact on their lives as well! 

Right now, I live in Winooski with my dog Maple. I love my daily run and can’t wait to sign up for new races! Hiking in Vermont with Maple has been one of my favorite activities since moving last summer. Well, that and eating all of the delicious Vermont food (maple creemees might be my favorite so far). Hockey is on almost every night in the fall and winter; I’m always rooting for the Toronto Maple Leafs.