Virtual Academy - 4th Grade Team

  • Savio Melanie Savio - Literacy

    My name is Melanie Savio. I previously taught 3rd grade at Founders Memorial School, where I have worked since 2012.

    I live in Jericho with my husband and two dogs.  My grown children went to school in Essex Town and currently live in the Burlington area.  I am thrilled to be partnering with Erica Di Vece for virtual learning.

    In my free time, I enjoy hiking, biking, reading and learning new things as well as spending time with my family.


    Erica Di Vece Erica Di Vece MST, BS - Math and Science

    My name is Erica Di Vece and I am excited to be returning for my fourth year at Founders Memorial and to my ninth year of teaching.

    Originally from Connecticut, I came to Vermont for my undergraduate degree at Champlain College. Upon graduation, I decided to expand my horizons and move to Gwangju, South Korea to teach English to Kindergarten students. Living and working abroad gave me a new perspective on best practices, culture, and co-teaching and collaboration in the classroom.

    Since returning, I have worked in multiple classrooms in Burlington, Swanton, and now in Essex.

    I have completed a masters in science and teaching through the Vermont Mathematics Initiative and continue to take workshops and courses to best serve our community. Overall, I strive to create a balance of rich academics with social emotional curriculum by connecting with all students, families, and the community.

    This upcoming school year, I want to welcome all parents to reach out, or participate in our learning. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading mysteries, running outside, and eating lots of cookies!


What to Expect

  • All students will have a synchronus lesson at a common time in the morning. Synchronus means students will engage in course activities at a specific date/time. This means everyone will be required to be online for this as it is a daily, scheduled event.

    Attendence is how we ensure participation and learning is taking place.

    Students will work primarily in Google Classroom. Guardians will not have access to these spaces, but will be invited to receive a weekly summary of the work due in Classroom (which can also be changed to daily).  

    Here is an example of what Guardians will receive. They can choose to receive this weekly, daily or not at all and here is a resource from Google that can help guardians make any changes.

Software We'll Be Using