Translated COVID-19 Vaccine Facts

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    "Facts Anout the COVID-19 Vaccine" (Transcript)

    Greetings. I am Dr Andrea Green and I want to share with you some good news!

    Vaccines that protect us from COVID 19 have been made. The COVID vaccine is free, safe, and works very well to protect you. In this video, I will give you details about the vaccine, possible side effects, and other important information. I know you may have many questions about the vaccine. Please watch this video till the end, as hopefully, I will be addressing many of the questions you have.

    There are two different companies, Pfizer and Moderna,that have made the vaccines now available for people in the United States. The vaccines have been tested for safety and granted emergency approval by the Center for Disease Control and the US government.

    Spokespeople for Pfizer and Moderna say that pork products are not part of their COVID vaccine.

    The Pfizer vaccine is for people over 16 years of age and the Moderna for people over 18. At this time children under these ages will not get the vaccines. Health care workers are being vaccinated right now so that they can keep working and taking care of people who are sick. (I got my first one already!) Those over age 75 will get the vaccine next since older people are most likely to die from COVID19.

    The vaccine stops you from getting sick with Covid-19. The vaccine works by helping your body build the strength to fight the virus so the virus cannot make you sick when it tries to enter your body. The vaccine does not contain the virus so you cannot get COVID 19 from the vaccine. However, like with other vaccinations, you may have some side effects. Possible side effects will happen within the first two days after vaccination and typically last only one to two days. Side effects might include soreness in your arm where you got the vaccine, a fever, muscle pain, tiredness, or a headache. These side effects are signs that your body is working hard to build the strength to protect you from COVID19. Let your doctor know if you have severe side effects.

    Before you get the COVID vaccine, you should tell the nurse or doctor if you have ever had an allergy to a vaccine. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding your child, you must consult your doctor before you get the vaccine. To be fully protected you need to have the COVID vaccine twice. The second vaccine will be about 3-4 weeks after your first vaccine. These two vaccines will give you the best protection from getting sick from Covid-19. You will be given a second appointment when you sign up for your first vaccination. It is really important to get the second vaccine even if you have side effects after the first one.

    After your first vaccine, you will be given a vaccination record card that will tell you which vaccine you got and when and where you got the vaccine. Do not lose this card as you need to bring it to your second appointment and it has important information for you and your doctor. It is your record that you are vaccinated. Should you want to travel to another country, you might be asked for proof that you have had the vaccine.

    Even if you have tested positive for COVID19 you should get vaccinated, however you should wait until 90 days after your positive test to get the first COVID-19 vaccine.
    Getting the vaccine will lower your risk of getting sick again with COVID. Remember, it takes time for your body to build protection after any vaccination. The COVID-19 vaccines will not fully protect you until two weeks after your second vaccine. Even if you are vaccinated you will still need to wear a mask, keep 6 feet distance and wash hands often.

    It is not known whether you can still pass Covid on to your loved ones despite having the vaccine shots and protection for yourself. Therefore, until we know, we still need you to follow all safety guidelines which include wearing a mask out in public, washing your hands frequently and social distancing.

    Thank you for listening and for keeping yourself and your community healthy.