• Thank you for joining the EWSD team! As you begin your employment with our district, there are a number of steps that must be completed (outlined below). Here you will also find resources and helpful tips as you move through the process.

New to EWSD? Here's what to expect:

  • Create a Frontline Central Account

  • Complete Your Background Check Authorization

  • Schedule Your Fingerprint Appointment

  • Complete Your Employment Paperwork

  • Complete Your I-9 Form, Get ID Badge Photo Taken

  • Apply for Parking Permit (if applicable)

  • Review Master Agreement (if applicable)

  • Select Your Benefit Options

  • Set Up Your EWSD Email Account

  • Review EWSD Policies: Code of Conduct, Harassment

  • Review User Guides for Frontline

  • Share Your Feedback With Us!

Additional Resources


  • If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

    HR/Payroll Team:
        Mary Reardon, HR Specialist @ 802-857-7033 (new hire or general questions)
        Maxine Breuer, HR Assistant @ 802-857-7038 (new seasonal or substitute questions)
        Sandy Emery, Benefits Adminstrator @ 802-857-7048 (benefits questions)
        Michelle Goodell, HR Executive Assistant @ 802-857-7019 (Frontline or Vector Solutions questions)
        Jessica Goodman, HR Assistant Director @ 802-857-7024
        Deb Anderson, HR Director @ 802-857-7019 (contract or master agreement questions)
        Payroll (paychecks, direct deposit, W4 questions)

    Administrative Assistants:
        > Provide support to staff in their school/department, general orientation and resources

    EWSD HelpDesk:
        Reach out to technology support at 802-857-7777 or helpdesk@ewsd.org