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  • Wonderful Performance through Zoom with Henry Wu and Nathan Wu!

    Posted by Karen Reed on 6/9/2020

    Nathan Wu and Henry Wu performing over Zoom Henry and Nathan Wu "Zooming" from home! On Monday morning, we were treated to a wonderful "Back to BACH" performance by brothers Henry Wu and Nathan Wu!  They played cello, violin and piano beautifully, and they shared three tips to becoming good at something. 

                       1) Find an interest 
                       2) Make a decision to be very good at it
                       3) Practice everyday


    They provided time for question and answers and even showed us how Henry has recently learned to juggle, using those 3 tips!

    Bravo to Henry and Nathan Wu!    Thank you so much!


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  • Virtual “Back to BACH” Music Presentation for Hiawatha! Monday, June 8 at 10:00

    Posted by Karen Reed on 6/3/2020

    Henry Wu and Nathan Wu








    Henry Wu and Nathan Wu
    , two of Vermont’s finest young musicians, (and who happen to live in Essex!) will be presenting a Virtual version of the “Back to BACH” music program (“a global initiative to inspire music and arts education to young children, and to teach them the value of hard work and passion”)

    The Zoom Meeting will be Monday, June 8 at 10:00.  They have come to Hiawatha for the past 2 years and have given wonderful presentations of the string instruments to our 2nd and 3rd graders. They are both graduating seniors this year, so I am thrilled that they are able to come to our school once more! 

    The 30 minute program will have time for questions and answers at the end, and it is open to our entire school.  Please come join in this wonderful musical opportunity!

    Here's the Zoom invitation

    Topic: Virtual Back to BACH @ Hiawatha!

    Time: Jun 8, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 999 7876 1509

    Password: 7ExMpv


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  • We Shall Not Be Moved

    Posted by Karen Reed on 6/2/2020

    Join Mrs. Reed singing the song "We Shall Not Be Moved".  In these past few months we've had many changes and challenges. But there are many ways we can stand strong together so we can be, “just like a tree, standing by the water” and “not be moved”.  Can you come up with other verses to this song?

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  • Check out these great musical websites from Lincoln Center

    Posted by Karen Reed on 6/1/2020

    There  are many interesting workshops and concerts made especially for kids during this time.  

     Lincoln Center   Pop-up Classroom

    Lincoln Center Concerts for Kids 

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  • These Green Mountains

    Posted by Karen Reed on 6/1/2020

    Join Mrs. Reed singing our Vermont State song, "These Green Mountains".

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  • "Mortimer" by Robert Munsch

    Posted by Karen Reed on 5/29/2020

    In case you missed it on this week's template, here is the fun story, "Mortimer" by Robert Munsch.  What different Musical Elements do you hear? Which characters moved in a Fast Tempo?  Which characters moved in a Slow Tempo? Which characters spoke in a High Register? Which ones spoke in a Low Register? Where did you hear the Loudest Dynamics? Where did you hear the Softest Dynamics?  What was Mortimer's song?

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  • Wonderful Musical Opportunity for our Students to Watch/Participate in a Brass Concert for Kids!

    Posted by Karen Reed on 5/28/2020

     "Fanfare" Virtual VSO Performance

    Next Monday afternoon (June 1) at 3:00 the Vermont Symphony Orchestra is hosting a Virtual Show of their wonderful Brass group called “Fanfare”!  We have had this group in the past, and they are excellent.  

    It will be a 20 - 30 minute presentation and will include live and pre-recorded components as well as some audience participation.

    It is necessary to register (although it is free), for there is a space limit.  They are offering it to several schools, so please register early.  Families will sign up using a Google Form (see the announcement in our Hiawatha Buzz newsletter), and then the VSO will send the show Zoom link/password to the first 100 sign-ups a day before. They have said they will add additional performances if needed. 

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  • Memorial Day Songs

    Posted by Karen Reed on 5/21/2020 1:00:00 PM

    In light of Memorial Day coming soon, here are a few of the songs we usually do at our annual Memorial Day Celebration at school, where we remember people who have served our country.

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  • "Bluebird, Bluebird" singing game

    Posted by Karen Reed on 5/15/2020 2:00:00 PM

    In case you missed this on a previous learning template, here’s a fun song about a Bluebird that you can sing as you “fly” about your yard or your house.  It says “Choose a little partner, tap ‘em on the shoulder”, but you can stop and choose anything to be your “partner” (tree, ground, table, stuffed animal, sibling, ect.) and tap that to the music! You can also use different parts of your body to tap. Have fun adapting this singing game!

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  • Take a Listening Walk and listen to "Nature's Orchestra"

    Posted by Karen Reed on 5/15/2020 1:00:00 PM

    When I’m outside, I hear so many sounds.  I bet you do too!  I've created a list of different bird and frog sounds in our area, so click here  to watch some short videos of familiar sights and sounds.   

    Take a LISTENING WALK and write down how many different sounds you hear.  You may notice that their songs have elements of music, such as rhythms, pitches, and repetition (repeats). Besides the songs of birds and frogs, are you hearing anything else? Can you imitate what you hear? If you were a frog or a bird, what would your song sound like?  

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I live in Williston, just down the road from where I grew up, with my husband, Rick, our cat and dog. We have 3 grown children and we love spending time with them,  Besides music (playing piano, flute, accompanying musicians, being a church musician, and listening to music), I love to be active and outside. I regularly swim, run and take lots of walks with my dog, Libby. 

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    Plato said, "I will teach the children music, physics and philosophy, but music is the most important because in the pattern of the arts is the key to all learning."


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