• Gateway Station Mr Sherman

    My teaching career has been entirely at Westford School. During that time, my wife and I raised three daughters (two of whom are teachers themselves now.)  I also own Two Black Sheep Farm in South Hero growing/marketing organic vegetables.  Other passions include space sciences, rocket and model making, old films, carpentry and British culture.

    The Culture of Westford Hogwarts in Student Life

    Now in its fifteenth year of use, a Hogwarts School theme is a popular genre encompassing many aspects of middle school life. Students are placed in one of four houses as a "first year." Regular activities, challenges, and an occasional mystery are presented to students as they combine academic and social culture events throughout the year. A grand "walk of the second years" takes place as students graduate into the junior high team. Along the way, students have lots of fun and excitement.

    Fifth and Sixth Grade Science and Math

    Fifth and sixth grades are an exciting time for students. The two years in the Hogwarts Team represents a passage from elementary to middle school.  As the science and math teacher, I try to bring a passion for topics to students by using constructivist theory, process skills, and use of the scientific method.  This is done by using a project-based model with Next-Gen Science Standards as a template for study.  Students collaborate in teams working on standards acquisition.  

    In maths, students grapple with study based on a workshop model.  This includes inquiry, group discussion, and daily practice on concepts. I regard myself as a learner too, and together we discover, investigate, and share ideas.  Our skills and math sophistication progresses through Bridges Math 5 and with using Connected Math 6 math. Student work receives a weekly formative assessment. Students and parents receive previous a previous week's work returned on Mondays. I believe it's important for all members of a learning team to see the actual work being produced by their student.

    email: ksherman@ewsd.org
    telephone: 878-5932 ext.7796