Welcome to School Counseling at EMS

Who's My Counselor?

  • Preston Randall and Lindsay Falby

    Mr. Randall and Mrs. Falby are the school guidance counselors at EMS; counselor assignments are below. We have a new school based clinician (TBA) from the Howard Center and provides multiple social work services at EMS. 

    Ms. Falby 

    Caseload is Last Names A-K

    Lfalby@ewsd.org 802-857-1505

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    Mr. Randall

    Caseload is Last Names L-Z

    PRandall@ewsd.org 802-857-1511

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    How We Work

    Every year each student meets with their designated guidance counselor for an initial check in. By meeting every single student at the beginning of the year, we can get a sense of who they are, and what the year ahead may hold for them.

    We call these our "minute meetings." 

    We ask students: 

    • How their school year is going
    • How they are doing within their friendship groups
    • What hobbies they may have inside or out of school
    • What trusted adults they have in their lives 

    Other interactions we have with students might depend on a teacher, parent, or a student themselves initiating a "check in" as the year continues on. 

    Most Important 

    We here at EMS are available to all kids. We are here for everybody.

    Counselors will stay with the same student over the span of their experience at EMS!



  • Dear EMS Students and Families, 

    Welcome to a new and exciting school year! There are many changes, and this year will be like no other. As we all adjust to the idea of hybrid learning, please know that we will continue to support all students' social and emotional needs through the guidance office. 

    We are, Lindsay Falby, a familiar name and face to many of you, and Preston Randall, who is new to the Essex Middle School Community.

    Mrs. Falby will be working with students whose last names begin with A-K.

    Mr. Randall will be working with students whose last names begin with L-Z.

    We have shifted to an alphabetical assignment of students to counselors to make sure that it is clear and easy to identify who each student’s school counselor is.

    This also ensures that we will be able to support you through each of your three years at EMS, and that it is likely siblings will have the same counselor, so we can build a strong relationship with families as well as individual students. 

    We will continue to support students individually through face-to-face and remote check-ins and meetings. We will partner closely with each team to support the development of every student at EMS. We will visit classrooms as health guidance allows, and will meet with individual students in our offices which are now located across the courtyard from the main office (room 150). To support contact tracing, and cleaning between student meetings, students will need to have an appointment to meet with their counselor unless it is an emergency. 

    Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns. Students, we look forward to working with each of you this year! Families, we are also looking forward to working closely with you to support your student’s success at Essex Middle School. 


    Lindsay Falby (802) 857-1505  A-K
    Preston Randall (802) 857-1511