Welcome to School Counseling at EMS! 

  • Jeff Smith and Lindsay Falby

    Guidance Department


    Our Goal

    We believe that in order for students to succeed academically and socially, the school and the family need to work together as partners.

    It is our belief that knowledge is power and in order for students to make responsible and respectful decisions about their health, safety, education, and relationships they need accurate, current, and reliable information.We hope that parents and students will access the information within this site to help make informed decisions.



    How We Work

    Every year each student meets with their designated guidance counselor for an initial check in. By meeting every single student at the beginning of the year, we can get a sense of who they are, and what the year ahead may hold for them.

    We call these our "minute meetings." 

    We ask students: 

    • How their school year is going
    • How they are doing within their friendship groups
    • What hobbies they may have inside or out of school
    • What trusted adults they have in their lives 

    Other interactions we have with students might depend on a teacher, parent, or a student themselves initiating a "check in" as the year continues on. 

    Please note: If we are going to see a child on a regular basis, we will let a parent or caregiver know.

    Most Important 

    We here at EMS are available to all kids. We are here for everybody.

    Counselors will stay with the same student over the span of their experience at EMS, so if someone has one counselor in sixth grade, they will also have that person in seventh and eighth grade. 

    Who's My Counselor?

    Mr. Smith and Mrs. Falby are the school guidance counselors at EMS; counselor assignments are below. Amanda Payne is our school based clinician from the Howard Center and provides multiple social work services at EMS. 

    Team                                             Counselor 
    Navigator                                    Mr. Smith
    Phoenix                                       Mr. Smith
    Nova                                           Mr. Smith

    Mr. Smith can be reached at 802-857-1511 or by email at jsmith@ewsd.org.

    Team                                             Counselor 
    Delta                                             Ms. Falby
    Aspire                                            Ms. Falby
    Galaxy                                           Ms. Falby

    Ms. Falby can be reached at 802-857-1505 or by email at lfalby@ewsd.org