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Welcome to Team Equinox!

  • August 1, 2021

    Dear Students and Families,

    Welcome to seventh grade!  We are very excited to welcome you to Team Equinox and to get this school year up and running.  This letter is intended to give you the information you will need to begin the year as smoothly as possible.  We look forward to a productive start to our journey together.

    We, the Equinox Teachers, have had a busy summer innovating an engaging and rigorous plan for the year. We are very much looking forward to working to build our team culture while we get to know each of you as individual learners. Together, over the next two years, we will cultivate a strong sense of community, based on respect and relationships. 

    We look forward to a successful school year.  Please be sure to ask your student to show you his/her Google Classroom Site periodically throughout the year, as this is the place we post links to assignments and other important information. Additionally, we plan to communicate with families via a weekly emailed newsletter outlining information about each subject area,  as well as the latest Team Equinox happenings. Let us know if you would like a printed version of the newsletter. If you have any questions, please contact us through email at, and . Also, be sure to see this year’s school supply list (included) and a short biography about each of your new teachers!


    Laurie Graham (Science)
    Elizabeth Kielty Waters (Mathematics)
    Monica Talbott (Humanities)
    Keith Bouchard (Special Educator)


2021 School Supplies

  • In light of the recent pandemic, we want to minimize the amount of supplies that students share while in the building.  Additionally, students will not have access to a locker and will need to have a bag or backpack to keep their belongings in.  

    The following list is what we are recommending that students bring in order to be prepared for learning:

    • Pencils and Pencil Cap Erasers
    • Blue or black inked pens
    • Math Binder (1 ½” with 5 dividers)
    • Language Arts/Social Studies Binder (2” with 5 dividers)
    • Loose leaf lined paper
    • Graph Paper
    • Water Bottle

    Additional Optional Suggestions:

    • Highlighter
    • Hand held sharpener
    • A case or pouch to hold extra pencils, pens, etc. 
    • Scientific Calculator
    • A box of tissues to donate to your homeroom teacher