• Delta Homerooms



    Ms. Prescott’s Homeroom



    Bartlett-Brown, Paxton

    Benoit, Atticus

    Cornell, Alaina

    Crawford, Josephine

    Doorey, Owen

    Drury, Tanner

    Lacourciere, Katerine

    Sisic, Edin

    Williams, Landyn

    Baustert, Samara

    Corneau, Hallie

    Hayes, Madison

    Jackman, Abigail

    Jackman, Zachary

    Johnson, Evelyn

    Piche, Joshua

    Shevchick, Ethan

    Stratz, Jack

    Wignall, Drew


    Ms. Varhue’s Homeroom



    Austin, Riley

    Berezin, Mark

    Cuciti, Eva

    Fenton, Austin

     Koch, Ethan

    Sands - O’Neal, Evan

    Tylenda, Jackson

    Vincent, Michaela 

    Nesto, Addison

    Barber, Bryce

    Blair, Holden

    Conti, Katelyn

    French, Ty

    Gregoritsch, Elizabeth

    Hawley, Emmitt

    Martin, Elizah

    Nguyen, Tyler

    Sysling, Joshua


    Mrs. Dunn’s Homeroom 



    Bella, Chanceline

    Bruyns, Calleigh

    Clough, Jesse

    Eklof, Kian

    Ennis, Maeve

     Ennis, Vivian

    Laroche, Jacob

    MacDougall, Michael

    Pacht, Ariah

    Poirier, Bryton

    Tylenda, Benjamin 

    Barewicz, Cate

    Dubief, Brice

    Dusharm, Olivia

    Ferree, Ronin

    Griffin, Stella

    Moore, Jacob

    Quaglietta, Gabrielle 

    Rooney, Cash

    Salamin, Rebecca

    Salter, Levi

    Weldon, Owen


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  • Greetings, Delta Team families!

    Mrs. Dunn, Ms. Prescott, Ms. Varhue, and Mr. Mernick have been spending our summers enjoying the outdoors of Vermont with our families.

    We hope you are enjoying this time, too! We’re looking forward to the school year and have a few reminders for you: 

    • At this time, plans for the school year are quickly evolving and communication will be key. Please be watching for district updates as the beginning of the school year approaches. 

    • In terms of summer homework expectations, please see the letter that was handed out to you in June. If you need another copy, please email one of us. Our email addresses are listed at the bottom of this letter. 

    Due to Covid restrictions, students will not have access to lockers this year. They will need their own materials such as pencils, erasers, paper, etc.

    Please see the list below this line for items to purchase before the start of school.

    If you are unable to purchase any of the following, we will provide them. If you are able to and would like to purchase extras for class use, we welcome your support! 

    Please label all of your belongings.

    Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

    See you soon!

    Mrs.Dunn              Ms. Prescott              
    Science Teacher     Humanities Teacher
    hdunn@ewsd.org   hprescott@ewsd.org    

    Ms. Varhue            Mr. Mernick
    Math Teacher         Special Educator
    nvarhue@ewsd.or   gmernick@ewsd.org

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  • Suggested School Supplies

    • 1.5” inch, 3-ring binder with front and back pockets; this will be used for your Math, Science, and Humanities classes. 
    • 3-hole-punched, loose-leaf paper
    • highlighters, lots of pencils and a 3-hole-punched pencil case that can be kept in your 3-ring binder
    • plastic coated, two pocket folder to use as a home folder
    • 5-pack of notebook dividers
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The Delta Team Science Class

Meet Your Delta Team Teachers

Phone: 802-879-7173


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Dunn

As the science teacher on the Delta Team, I love using hands-on activities to engage all learners. In my free time, I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and playing the bagpipes! I live in Waterville with my husband, two dogs, and daughter Maeve.

Phone: (802)879-7173


Degrees and Certifications:


As the Delta Team's math teacher, I love working with students to explore mathematical concepts and make connections with the patterns we see in our everyday life. Outside of the classroom, I love running, hiking, camping and spending time with my family and friends.  I am usually training for my next race or planning my next backpacking or canoeing trip. 

Phone: (802) 879-7173


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Prescott

By exploring the world around us and learning through stories, my main goal is for students to become life-long readers and writers. I teach Humanities on Delta, and we focus on becoming stronger, more articulate, and more expressive communicators by exploring various themes. Throughout the year, we develop our reading, writing, listening, speaking, and social skills as we dive into world geography and literature set in the regions we are discovering. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy being outdoors, practicing my fiddle, trying to teach my cat tricks, and exploring new places with my family.

Phone: (802) 879-7173


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Mernick

As the Special Educator for the Delta team, I look forward to helping students navigate toward success using their strengths, mediating their weaknesses and striving to produce their best finished work.  I will also be co-teaching a language arts class and a math class with the team. My teaching started at a school for students with learning dissabilities before transitioning to Essex, but it has also included teaching in Zurich, Switzerland for two years.  The diversity of teaching experiences has led to an understanding of how we all truly learn differently.

Personally, I enjoy biking, swimming and skiing in the winter.  Traveling, exploring and adventure would also describe my world. I am lucky to enjoy two older sons visiting often.