• Greetings students and families,                                                                       7/11/21


    We are really excited to soon see (again) incoming new Galaxy 7th graders and also now extend a warm welcome to their families. Welcome to Galaxy Team! Huzzah! 

    We imagine you may have some questions about the start of school, and though we won’t get too far into the weeds in this letter, we hope to “answer” some of the “essentials” (we’ll tackle any other “stuff” together as the year begins). Until then, these basic protocol reminders and our short supply list will ensure a smooth start on our first day in the fall. And, really, after that, everything else will fall into place.

    So, first...who are we? The Galaxy Team adults consist of three core teachers: Mrs. Pratt (science), Mrs. Edwards (math), and Mr. Mendenhall (language arts), as well as our special educator, Mrs. Day.  Students will also interact with several para-educators on our team, and we’ll get folks acquainted with them during our first week back. Collectively, all teachers teach social studies, and, as for our other content areas, students will (hopefully) remember those specifics from our meeting in the spring. In addition to academics, Galaxy Team incorporates Developmental Designs philosophy into all aspects of our teaching as intrinsically as possible. If you don’t have any idea what DD is, think “respect, fun, and community.” 

    And what are these protocols of which you speak? Well, this year again personal devices such as cell phones and iPads will not be permitted for student use during school hours.  If a student chooses to bring such items to school, we ask that those items remain in backpacks or with a teacher until dismissal. Basic technology needs and expectations for classes will be taken care of through student Chromebooks and any communication needs between students and parents can be done through the front office. So, no need for “phones.” We appreciate your help and support in this matter. Also, Galaxy Team students won’t use lockers for the first weeks of school. We’re “staying the course” navigated last spring until we get settled. 

    Supplies...Here is a list of suggested supplies. When in doubt, keep it simple.

    1. An assignment book: we post homework on-line, but an assignment book is very helpful.
    2. Pencils & loose-leaf lined paper: a few pencils and a small ream of paper will be fine.
    3. 2, 1” 3-ring binders: math has its own binder; we “bundle” the other subjects.
    4. Dividers for binders.
    5. A backpack: simple is great!

    That’s it! Easy.

    Again, we’re excited for the new year, and we hope you are, too. If you have any burning questions (the kind that keep you awake at night or inspire nightmares), absolutely reach out to us. But, really, most concerns we’ll be able to work with during our first days together. For example, homerooms. Don’t worry, we’ll steer students in the right direction as they enter the building on Day 1. Class schedule? Yep, we’ll take care of that on the first day, too. No need to consternate unnecessarily. 

    Enjoy the rest of your summers. We look forward to the fall! 


    David Mendenhall/dmendenhall@ewsd.org

    Laura Pratt/lpratt@ewsd.org

    Julie Edwards/jedwards@ewsd.org

    Karen Day/kday@ewsd.org


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